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Unsung Holocaust Hero Celebrates 100th

ATLANTA (Aug. 22) - Andre Steiner was the muscle behind one of the most daring — and overlooked — missions to save Jews during the Holocaust.
In his youth, before he became a renowned architect, he helped engineer a plan to stave off the deportation of Slovakia's Jews through a network of work camps and a series of bribes that likely helped save the lives of thousands.
The last living member of the underground network that devised the plan, Steiner marked his 100th birthday Friday in a retirement tower north of Atlanta.He's hard of hearing but his mind and memory are sharp, and his crystal blue eyes sparkle when he talks about his experience.
Wearing a loose flannel shirt and jeans that hung off his thin body during a recent visit, he was sporting two white hearing aids that blended with his close-cropped beard. But visitors still had to shout in his ear to be heard.
"Imagine — a hundred years," he said in a thick, halting accent. "It's nearly too much."
Steiner already was in his late 20s when the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia, bringing with them anti-Jewish laws they had spread through much of the rest of Europe. His father-in-law fled to England in 1938, but Steiner settled in Bratislava with his wife and young son.
He was arrested after Nazis seized control of the country, but was later released to finish a building project in town. He began designing work camps and other sites for the Nazis, hoping the Jewish community would be better off if they cooperated.
Soon he had 4,000 people working in 130 workshops at the camps, making an array of items for the German war effort. At lunch, he gathered with other young Jews to talk about ways to improve conditions for the Jews. The band soon became known as the Bratislava Working Group.
But as Slovaks began a massive deportation of Jews to concentration camps in Poland in 1942, the group's mission changed as well. It decided to focus on finding a way — any way — to rescue Jews in Slovakia.
"We wanted to help in any way we could," he said. "It was a very close-knit friendship with one ideal: to help the Jews."
One of the members, Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, had heard a rumor that a Nazi official was willing to accept cash bribes to keep Jews off the dreaded deportation list. Soon, they had devised a back story for their gambit: They were negotiating on behalf of a fictitious world Jewish leader named Ferdinand Roth.
When it was time for a face-to-face meeting, the group picked Steiner, the confident man who cut a dashing figure with slicked back hair and a golden tongue. Inside, though, Steiner was awash with anxiety. A single misstep could have cost him his life and betray the group's effort.
Asking the rabbi for advice, he got a most unexpected answer: Imagine the Nazi sitting on a toilet nude. When he arrived at the meeting and did just that, he couldn't stifle a smirk.
"He got really angry but I told him if you're angry we won't make a deal. He conceded, then said, 'Take a seat,'" Steiner remembers. "From then on, I wasn't nervous at all."
Steiner soon became the go-to-guy for the group's negotiations with local leaders and Nazi officials, handing over cash installments smuggled in through contacts in Europe, America and elsewhere.
"He was the foot soldier of the group," said Jacob Fuchs, a Tel Aviv author who chronicled the group. "He went out there and risked his neck in actual negotiations."
Buoyed by its success, the group planned to boost the bribes to save Jews through the rest of the continent, but it couldn't come up with the cash. Their work was sidelined for good in September 1944 when Slovak partisans revolted, drawing a crushing response from the German military.
Steiner and his family fled to the mountains, hiding there for months until peasants from the countryside came with the welcome news that the war had ended. Newly liberated, Steiner moved to Cuba in 1948 and then the U.S. in 1950, settling with relatives in Atlanta.
He became a celebrated architect here, responsible for planning some of the state's largest attractions, from Stone Mountain Park to Emory University. He was also known for more ambitious ideas, like a 1970s proposal for a mini-city in downtown Atlanta that could be home to 130,000 people.
When shown a newspaper clipping about the project, he dismissed it with a wave of his hands. "Plans, schmlans," he said. "Only plans."
Steiner's long life has had its share of sorrow. He still regrets divorcing his first wife. He fought off colon cancer a dozen years ago, a stroke two years back. And he's outlived his two sons, who both died recently.
But he has long since come to terms with his quixotic relationship with the Nazi, a man he bribed with labor and money in hopes of saving his fellow Jews.
"He's an enemy in whose hand is the future."

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Yiddish was the secret code, therefore I don't farshtaist,
A bisseleh maybe here and there,
the rest has gone to waste.

Sadly when I hear it now, I only get the gist,
My Bubbeh spoke it beautifully; but me, I am tsemisht.

So och un vai as I should say, or even oy vai iz mir,
Though my pisk is lacking Yiddish, it's familiar to my ear.
And I'm no Chaim Yonkel , in fact
I was shtick naches, But, when it comes to Yiddish
though, I'm talking out my tuchas.

Es iz a shandeh far di kinder that I don't know it better
(Though it's really nishtkefelecht when one
needs to write a letter)

But, when it comes to characters, there's really no contention,
No other linguist can compete with honorable mentshen:

They have nebbishes and nebechels and
others without mazel,

Then, too, schmendriks and schlemiels,
and let's not forget schlemazel.

These words are so precise and descriptive to the
listener, So much better than "a pill "
is to call someone 'farbissener'.

Or - that a brazen woman would be better called chaleria,
And you'll agree farklempt says more than does hysteria.
I'm not haken dir a tsheinik and I hope I'm not a kvetch,
But isn't mieskeit kinder, than to call someone a wretch?

Mitten derinnen, I hear Bubbeh say, "It's nechtiker tog, don't fear,
To me you're still a maven, zol zein shah, don't fill my ear.
A leben ahf dein keppele, I don't mean to interrupt,
But you are speaking narishkeit.....
And A gezunt auf dein kup!"
Farshtaist = (Do You?) Understand
Bisseleh = A little
Tsemisht = Con fused or mixed up
Och un vai = Alas and alack
Oi vai iz mir = Woe is me
Pisk = mouth
Naches = Joy, Gratification
Shandeh far di kinder = A pity/shame for the children
Nishtkefelecht = Not so terrible
Nebbishes = A nobody or simpleton
Nebechels = A pititful person or playing the role
of being one
Schlemiel = Clumsy bungler, an inept person, butter-fingered;
dopey person
Schmendrik = Nincompoop; an inept or indifferent person;
same as chlemiel
Schlemazel = Luckless person. Unlucky person; one with perpetual bad
(it is said that the shlemiel spills the soup on the Shlimazel!)
Farbissener = Embittered; bitter person
Chaleria = Evil woman. Probably derived from cholera.
Farklempt = Too emotional to talk. Ready to cry.
Haken dir a tsheinik = Don't get on your nerves
(Lit.., Don't bang your teapot!)
Kvetch = Whine, complain; whiner, a complainer
Mieskeit = Ugly
Mitten derinnen = All of a sudden, suddenly
Nechtiker tog! = He's (it's) gone! Forget it! Nonsense!
(Lit., a night's day)
Zol zein shah! = Be quiet. Shut up!!
Leben ahf dein keppele = Words of praise like; Well said! Well done!
(Lit., A long life upon your head.)
Narishkeit = Nonsense

About Kulanu

About Kulanu
Kulanu is an organization which reflects the community of interests of individuals of varied backgrounds and religious practices dedicated to finding and assisting lost and dispersed remnants of the Jewish people
During the course of Jewish history, large segments of the Jewish community were 'lost' as a result of war, exile and forced conversions. The greater part of the Jewish people were 'lost' in the eighth century B.C.E., when the ten northern Israelite tribes were conquered by Assyria and the captives were forcibly resettled. Today the descendants of these Ten Lost Tribes can probably be found in India, Burma, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.
Another large group of Jews was 'lost' during the period of forced conversions to Christianity in Spain and Portugal starting in the 15th century. Many of these so-called 'Marranos' continued to practice Judaism in secret. Today their descendants can be found in Brazil, Mexico, the southwestern United States, and Majorca, as well as mainland Spain and Portugal.
Kulanu's activities concern these dispersed groups, including research, contacts, education, donation of religious books and articles, facilitation of conversion when requested, and help with relocation to Israel if desired.
Why? If your forebears were forcibly abducted, would you not fervently welcome them with open arms if they wished to return? Or would you simply abandon them to their abductors?
On occasion Kulanu assists communities without Jewish background who desire to embrace Judaism. In one instance a group of Inca Indians in Trujillo, Peru, whose leader, a Catholic named Villanueva, decided in 1966 to become Jewish after pondering the Bible. Many followed him, and after study with a rabbi in the late 1980s, nearly 300 people were converted by a beit din from Israel and made aliyah. Kulanu has assisted members of the community who remained, as committed Jews, in Peru.
Another example are the Abayudaya, a group of native Ugandans who have been practicing Judaism since 1919, when their leader, a local governor named Semei Kakungulu, studied and meditated on the Old Testament and adopted the observance of all Moses' commandments, including circumcision.
Over the next seven decades, the Abayudaya were visited by American, European and Israeli Jewish travelers who instructed them in post-Biblical Judaism. They endured Idi Amin's virulent anti-Semitism in the 1970s. In June 1995, a Kulanu delegation visited the Abayudaya.

How to Contact Kulanu
Mailing Address Kulanu, Inc.
165 West End Ave 3R
New York, NY 10023
Kulanu Inquiries
Board of Directors and Officers
President Harriet Bograd
(212) 877 8082

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List of Jews in sports

This list includes Jews who have had outstanding achievements in sports. The criteria is: a) 1-3 places winners at major international tournaments; b) for team sports, winning in preliminary competitions of finals at major international tournaments, or playing for several seasons for clubs of major national leagues; or c) owners of world records.

Commissioners, managers, and owners

* Roman Abramovich, Russia, owner of Chelsea Football Club
* Leslie Alexander, U.S., owner of Houston Rockets
* Micky Arison, U.S., owner of the Miami Heat
* Red Auerbach, U.S. 5' 10" guard, NBA coach & GM, Hall of Fame[1]
* Gary Bettman, U.S., National Hockey League Commissioner
* Arthur Blank, U.S., owner of the Atlanta Falcons; owner of the Arena Football League Georgia Force
* Steve Bornstein, U. S., president and CEO of the NFL Network
* Norman Braman, U.S., former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles
* Larry Brown, U.S. basketball player & coach
* Alan N. Cohen, U.S., former co-owner of the Boston Celtics and the New Jersey Nets; Chairman & CEO of the Madison Square Garden Corporation; former owner of the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers
* Mark Cohon, Canada, Canadian Football League Commissioner
* Uri Coronel, Dutch, President of Ajax Amsterdam
* William Davidson, U.S., Chairman of Palace Sports and Entertainment, principal owner of the Detroit Pistons of the NBA, the Detroit Shock of the WNBA, and the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL
* Al Davis, U.S. football owner/coach, Oakland Raiders
* Barney Dreyfuss, U.S., owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates
* Steve Ellman, U.S., owner of the Phoenix Coyotes
* Theo Epstein, U.S., General Manager of the Boston Red Sox
* Lawrence Frank, U.S. basketball coach, unique in that did not play on high school, college, or professional level
* Marty Friedman, U.S. basketball player & coach
* Don Garber, U.S., Major League Soccer Commissioner
* Arcadi Gaydamak, Russia, owner of Beitar Jerusalem F.C.
* Alexandre Gaydamak, France & Russia, co-owner & Chairman of Portsmouth F.C.
* Dan Gilbert, U.S., owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers
* Sid Gillman, U.S. football coach
* Avram Glazer, U.S., joint Chairman of the Manchester United board
* Joel Glazer, U.S., Chairman of Manchester United
* Malcolm Glazer, U.S., owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, majority owner of Manchester United
* Paul Godfrey, Canada, CEO & President of the Toronto Blue Jays
* Eddie Gottlieb, U.S. basketball coach, owner Philadelphia Warriors, NBA founder
* Avram Grant, Chelsea F.C. former manager
* Ernie Grunfeld, U.S. basketball player & GM
* Ludwig Guttmann, founder of the Paralympics[2]
* Sydney Halter, the first commissioner of the Canadian Football League
* Cecil Hart, Canadian hockey coach/manager Montreal Canadiens; original Hart Trophy named after father David, & current one after him[3]
* Jeff Hauser, owner of the Erie RiverRats, formerly the Pittsburgh RiverRats
* Paul Heyman, U.S. professional wrestling manager
* Melissa Hiatt, U.S. professional wrestling manager
* Nat Holman, U.S. basketball player & coach
* Red Holtzman, U.S. basketball player & coach
* Yoel Judah, U.S. boxer & trainer
* Daryl Katz, Canadian owner of the Edmonton Oilers
* Raanan Katz, Israel, part owner of the Miami Heat & owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv
* Herb Kohl, U.S., owner of the Milwaukee Bucks
* Bob Kraft, U.S., owner of the New England Patriots & New England Revolution
* Jerry Krause, U.S., former General Manager of the Chicago Bulls
* Kurt Landauer, Germany, President of Bayern Munich
* Manny Leibert, boxing manager & coach, Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame[4]
* Randy Lerner, US, owner of the Cleveland Browns, owner of Aston Villa[5]
* Lerner family, US, owners of the Washington Nationals
* Daniel Levy, England, Chairman of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur
* Marv Levy, U.S., former football coach & current General Manager of Buffalo Bills
* Jeffrey Lurie, U.S., owner of the Philadelphia Eagles
* Jamie McCourt, U.S., owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, only current female owner in major league baseball (Jewish father, and therefore not considered Jewish under orthodox Jewish law)
* Art Modell, U.S., former owner of the Baltimore Ravens
* Joe Pasternack, U.S., Men's basketball coach of the University of New Orleans
* Gabe Paul, U.S., long-time President & General Manager of the Cleveland Indians
* Bruce Pearl, U.S., Men's basketball coach of the University of Tennessee
* José Pekerman, Argentine football manager
* David Pleat, English football manager, Tottenham Hotspur, Luton Town[6]
* Maurice Podoloff, the first president of the National Basketball Association
* Abe Pollin, U.S, owner of the Washington Wizards, former owner of the NHL's Washington Capitals & the WNBA's Washington Mystics
* Jaap van Praag, Dutch, President of Ajax Amsterdam 1964-78
* Michael van Praag, Dutch, President of Ajax Amsterdam, 1989-2002
* Bruce Ratner, U.S., owner of the New Jersey Nets
* Jerry Reinsdorf, U.S., owner of the Chicago Bulls & the Chicago White Sox
* Ernie Roth, U.S. professional wrestling manager
* Henry Samueli, U.S. owner of the Anaheim Ducks, founder of Broadcom Corporation
* Abe Saperstein, U.S. founder & owner of Harlem Globetrotters also related to Ashley Taylor and Hallie Ariel
* Dolph Schayes, U.S. basketball player & coach
* Irving Scholar, English, owner of Tottenham Hotspur
* Howard Schultz, U.S. owner of Seattle Supersonics; founder of Starbucks
* Bud Selig, U.S., Major League Baseball Commissioner
* Mark Shapiro, U.S., General Manager of the Cleveland Indians
* Allie Sherman, U.S. football player & coach, New York Giants
* Ed Snider, U.S., owner of the Philadelphia Flyers
* Daniel Snyder, U.S., owner of Washington Redskins
* David Stern, U.S., National Basketball Association Commissioner
* Stuart Sternberg, U.S., owner of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
* Grigory Surkis, Ukraine, Chairman of Football Federation of Ukraine
* Alan Sugar, English, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur
* Larry Tanenbaum, Canada, owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs & the Toronto Raptors
* Preston Robert Tisch, U.S., from 1991 until his death in 2005 Tisch owned 50% of the New York Giants American football team
* Zygi Wilf, principal owner of the Minnesota Vikings[7]
* Fred Wilpon, U.S., owner of the New York Mets
* Lewis Wolff, U.S., owner of the Oakland Athletics
* Michael van Praag, Dutch, former president of Ajax Amsterdam

Sportscasters & promoters

* Marv Albert, U.S. sportscaster
* Mel Allen, U.S. sportscaster, New York Yankees play-by-play announcer
* Eddie Andleman, U.S. WEEI sportscaster
* Bob Arum, U.S. boxing promoter
* Chris Berman, U.S. ESPN talk show host (father Jewish)
* Len Berman, U.S. sportscaster
* Bonnie Bernstein, U.S. ESPN sportscaster
* Steve Buckhantz, U.S. Washington Wizards play-by-play announcer
* Dave Cohen, U.S. Georgia State University play-by-play announcer
* Linda Cohn, U.S. ESPN anchor
* Myron Cope, U.S. Pittsburgh Steelers radio announcer
* Howard Cosell, U.S. sportscaster
* Rich Eisen, U.S. former ESPN, NFL network anchor
* Eddie Epstein, U.S. ESPN sportswriter
* Roy Firestone, U.S. sportscaster
* Matt Friedman, U.S. Ohio State Radio broadcaster
* Joel Gertner, U.S. professional wrestling promoter
* Hank Goldberg, U.S. football analyst
* Doug Gottlieb, U.S. ESPN NCAA Basketball analyst
* Mike Greenberg, U.S. ESPN anchor
* Paul Heyman, U.S. professional wrestling manager & promoter
* Joe Jacobs, U.S. boxing promoter
* Dana Jacobson, U.S. co-host ESPN's Cold Pizza
* Billy Jaffe, U.S. New York Islanders sportscaster
* Jackie Kallan, U.S. boxing promoter
* Max Kellerman, boxing broadcaster
* Ron Kerner AKA. Ronnie "The Rottweiler" Kerner U.S. boxing promoter, Rottweiler Promotions, Cedric Kushner's Gotham Boxing
* Suzy Kolber, U.S. ESPN sportswriter
* Tony Kornheiser, U.S. radio show host, t.v. show host, author
* Michael Landsberg, Canadian TSN anchor
* Steve Levy, U.S. ESPN anchor
* Al Michaels, U.S. sportscaster
* Johnny Most, U.S. Boston Celtics sportscaster
* Sam Muchnick U.S. wrestling promoter
* Elliott Price, Canadian Montreal Expos radio play-by-play
* Karl Ravech, U.S. ESPN journalist
* Scott Reiss, U.S. ESPN anchor
* Howie Rose, U.S. New York Islanders sportscaster
* Sam Rosen U.S. New York Rangers on TV, NHL on OLN, NFL on Fox sportscaster
* Dan Shulman, Can. sportscaster ESPN: Sunday Baseball, College Basketball coverage
* Dick Schaap, U.S. sportswriter & broadcaster
* Jeremy Schaap, U.S. sports commentator & broadcaster (son of Dick Schaap)
* Charley Steiner, U.S. Los Angeles Dodgers radio-TV play-by-play announcer
* Dick Stockton, U.S. TNT broadcaster
* Steve Stone, U.S. WGN-TV broadcaster
* Suzyn Waldman, U.S. New York Yankees TV play-by-play announcer & current commentator/analyst for NY Yankees radio; 1st woman to hold either position on regular basis for Major League baseball team
* Warner Wolf, U.S. sportscaster, w/CBS 9 in Washington DC & CBS 2 in New York City, now w/WABC NewsTalkRadio 77 in NYC

Artistic gymnastics

* Ágnes Keleti, Hungary, Olympic champion (5 times)
* Tad laferrierere
* Matt Sherman

* Cal Abrams, U.S. outfielder
* Morrie Arnovich, U.S. outfielder, All-Star
* Brad Ausmus, U.S. catcher, All-Star, 3-time Gold Glove
* Ross Baumgarten, U.S. starting pitcher
* José Bautista, pitcher
* Bo Belinsky, U.S. pitcher
* Moe Berg, U.S. catcher & shortstop
* Ron Blomberg, U.S. DH, first baseman, and outfielder, Major League Baseball's first designated hitter[8]
* Lou Boudreau, U.S. shortstop, 8-time All-Star, Batting Title, MVP, Baseball Hall of Fame, manager
* Craig Breslow, U.S. relief pitcher
* Ryan Braun, U.S. third basemen, 2007 MLB Rookie of the Year Milwaukee Brewers[9]
* Harry Danning, U.S. catcher, 4-time All-Star
* Moe Drabowsky, U.S. pitcher[10]
* Mike Epstein, U.S. first baseman
* Harry Feldman, U.S. pitcher
* Scott Feldman, U.S. pitcher
* Gavin Fingleson, South African-born Australian player, silver medallist for Australia in 2004 Athens Olympics.
* Matt Ford, U.S. pitcher
* Sam Fuld, U.S. outfielder
* Sid Gordon, U.S. outfielder & third baseman, 2-time All-Star
* John Grabow, U.S. relief pitcher
* Shawn Green, U.S. right fielder, 2-time All-Star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger
* Adam Greenberg, U.S. baseball player
* Hank Greenberg, U.S. first baseman & outfielder, 5-time All-Star, 2-time MVP, 4-time Home Run Champion, 4-time RBI Leader, Baseball Hall of Fame
* Jason Hirsh, U.S. starting pitcher
* Ken Holtzman, U.S. starting pitcher, 2-time All-Star
* Joe Horlen, U.S. pitcher, All-Star, ERA leader
* Brian Horwitz, U.S. outfielder
* Gabe Kapler, U.S. outfielder
* Ian Kinsler, U.S. second baseman [11]
* Mike Koplove, U.S. relief pitcher
* Sandy Koufax, U.S. starting pitcher, 6-time All-Star, MVP, 3-time Cy Young Award, 5-time ERA leader, 3-time Wins leader, 2-time W-L% leader, 4-time strikeouts leader, Baseball Hall of Fame
* Al Levine, U.S. relief pitcher
* Elliott Maddox, U.S. outfielder & third baseman
* Jason Marquis, U.S. starting pitcher, Silver Slugger
* Erskine Mayer, U.S. pitcher
* Buddy Myer, U.S. second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman, 2-time All-Star, Batting Average title, Stolen Base title
* Jeff Newman, U.S. catcher & first baseman, All-Star, manager
* Barney Pelty, U.S. pitcher
* Lipman Pike, U.S. outfielder, second baseman, & manager, 4-time Home Run champion, RBI leader
* Jake Pitler, U.S. second baseman
* Scott Radinsky, U.S. relief pitcher
* Jimmie Reese, U.S. second baseman, coach
* Aaron Rifkin, U.S. first baseman
* Dave Roberts, U.S. pitcher
* Saul Rogovin, U.S. pitcher
* Al (Flip) Rosen, U.S. third baseman & first baseman, 4-time All-Star, MVP, 2-time Home Run champion, 2-time RBIs leader
* Goody Rosen, Canadian outfielder, All-Star
* Richie Scheinblum, U.S. outfielder & All-Star
* Scott Schoeneweis, U.S. pitcher
* Art Shamsky, U.S. outfielder & first baseman
* Larry Sherry, U.S. relief pitcher
* Norm Sherry, U.S. catcher
* Moe Solomon, U.S. outfielder
* Ryan Spilborghs, U.S. outfielder
* George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees, owner
* Adam Stern, Canadian outfielder
* George Stone, U.S. outfielder, 1-time batting title
* Steve Stone, U.S. starting pitcher, All-Star, Cy Young Award
* Steve Wapnick, U.S. relief pitcher
* Justin Wayne, U.S. pitcher
* Phil Weintraub, U.S. first baseman & outfielder
* Steve Yeager, U.S. catcher
* Kevin Youkilis, U.S. first baseman, third baseman, & left fielder
* Ben Zeskind, U.S. second baseman
* Eddie Zosky, U.S. shortstop


* David Bluthenthal, U.S. Euroleague 6' 7" forward (Maccabi Tel Aviv)[12]
* Sam Balter, U.S. guard, Olympic champion
* Tal Brody, U.S. & Israeli Euroleague 6' 2" shooting guard (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
* Larry Brown, U.S. ABA 5' 9" point guard, 3-time All-Star, 3-time assists leader, & NBA coach, Olympic champion
* Omri Casspi, Israeli 6' 8" forward, plays in Maccabi Tel Aviv.
* Shay Doron, Israeli & U.S. WNBA 5' 9" guard (New York Liberty)
* Lior Eliyahu, Israeli 6' 9" forward, NBA draft 2006 (Orlando Magic; traded to Houston Rockets), but completing mandatory IDF service & playing in the Euroleague (Maccabi Tel Aviv)
* Jordan Farmar, U.S. NBA 6' 2" point guard (Los Angeles Lakers)[13]
* Sam "Sharp Shoota" Shiner U.S. NBDL 6'2" point guard (Austin Toros)
* Marty Friedman, U.S. 5' 7" guard & coach
* Tamir Goodman, U.S. & Israeli Israel Division II 6' 3" shooting guard (Maccabi Shoham)
* Jerry Greenspan, U.S. NBA 6' 5" forward
* Ernie Grunfeld, U.S. NBA 6' 6" guard/forward & GM, Olympic champion
* Yotam Halperin, Israeli 6' 5" guard, piNBA draft 2006 (Seattle Supersonics); plays in Maccabi Tel Aviv.
* Art Heyman, U.S. NBA 6' 5" forward/guard
* Nat Holman, U.S. ABL 5' 11" guard & coach, Hall of Fame
* Red Holzman, U.S. BAA & NBA 5' 10" guard, 2-time All-Star, & NBA coach, NBA Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame
* Louis Klotz, U.S. NBA 5' 7" point guard
* Red Auerbach, U.S. 5' 10" guard, NBA coach & GM, Hall of Fame[1]
* Sammy Herman, U.S. 6'2" guard Maccabi Tel Aviv U-17 Israel
* Rudy LaRusso, U.S. NBA 6' 7" forward/center, 5-time All-Star
* Donna Orender (Geils), U.S. WBA All-Star
* Gary Plummer, U.S. NBA 6' 9" forward/center
* Lennie Rosenbluth, U.S. NBA 6' 4" forward
* Eric Ruden, NCAA, Rutgers University 6' 1 guard.
* Danny Schayes, U.S. NBA 6' 11" center/forward (son of Dolph Schayes)
* Dolph Schayes, U.S. NBA 6' 7" forward/center, 3-time FT% leader, 1-time rebound leader, 12-time All-Star, Hall of Fame, & coach (father of Danny Schayes)
* Ossie Schectman, U.S. NBA 6' 0" guard
* Jon Scheyer, U.S. Duke University 6' 5" shooting guard
* Barney Sedran, U.S. Hudson River League and New York State League 5' 4" guard, Hall of Fame
* Amit Tamir, Israeli Euroleague 6' 10" forward/center (Hapoel Holon)
* Neal Walk, U.S. NBA 6' 10" center
* Max Zaslofsky, U.S. NBA 6' 2" guard/forward, 1-time FT % leader, 1-time points leader, All-Star, & ABA coach


* Barney Aaron (Young), English-born U.S. boxer, Hall of Fame
* Abe Attell ("The Little Hebrew"), U.S. world champion featherweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Monte Attell, U.S. world champion bantamweight boxer
* Jaime Averboch, Argentine world champion welterweight boxer
* Max Baer ("Madcap Maxie"), U.S. world champion heavyweight boxer, ¼ Jewish, wore a big Star of David on his trunks, Hall of Fame
* Benny Bass ("Little Fish"), U.S. world champion featherweight & world champion junior lightweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Fabrice Benichou, French world champion super bantamweight boxer
* Jack Kid Berg (Judah Bergman), English world champion junior welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Maxie Berger, Canadian world champion junior welterweight, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Samuel Berger, U.S. Olympic champion heavyweight boxer
* Jack Bernstein (also "John Dodick," "Kid Murphy," and "Young Murphy"), U.S. world champion junior lightweight boxer
* Larry Boardman,[4] U.S. # 2 ranked lightweight boxer
* Mushy Callahan (Vincente Sheer), U.S. world champion light welterweight boxer
* Joe Choynski,[4] ("Chrysanthemum Joe"), U.S. heavyweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Robert Cohen, French & Algerian world champion bantamweight boxer
* Al Bummy Davis (Abraham Davidoff), U.S. welterweight & lightweight boxer, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Jackie Fields (Jacob Finkelstein), U.S. world champion welterweight & Olympic champion featherweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Yuri Foreman, Belarusian-born Israeli U.S. undefeated middleweight boxer
* György Gedó, Hungarian Olympic champion light flyweight boxer
* Abe Goldstein, U.S. world champion bantamweight boxer
* Ruby Goldstein ("Ruby the Jewel of the Ghetto"), U.S. welterweight boxer, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Roman Greenberg, Israeli undefeated heavyweight boxer
* Stéphane Haccoun, French boxer
* Alphonse Halimi ("La Petite Terreur"), French world champion bantamweight boxer
* Harry Harris ("The Human Hairpin"), U.S. world champion bantamweight boxer
* Gary Jacobs, Scottish boxer
* Ben Jeby (Morris Jebaltowsky), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
* Daniel Judah, U.S. light heavyweight boxer
* Josiah Judah ("Gorilla"), U.S. boxer
* Yoel Judah, U.S. boxer & trainer
* Zab Judah ("Super"), U.S. world champion junior welterweight & world champion welterweight boxer
* Louis Kaplan ("Kid Kaplan"),[4] Russian-born U.S. world champion featherweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Ron Kerner AKA. Ronnie "The Rottweiler" Kerner U.S. heavyweight boxer, NYBSC champion, "smoker circuit & under ground boxing king pin", "the knock out king".
* Julie Kogon,[4] U.S. lightweight boxer
* Solly Krieger ("Danny Auerbach"), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
* Benny Leonard (Benjamin Leiner; "The Ghetto Wizard"), U.S. world champion lightweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Artie Levine, U.S. middleweight & light heavyweight boxer
* Battling Levinsky (Barney Lebrowitz), U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Harry Lewis ("Harry Besterman"), U.S. world champion welterweight boxer
* Ted 'Kid' Lewis (Gershon Mendeloff), English world champion welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Sammy Luftspring, Canadian welterweight boxing champion, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
* Saoul Mamby, U.S. world champion junior welterweight boxer
* Al McCoy (Alexander Rudolph), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
* Daniel Mendoza, English boxer, Hall of Fame
* Samuel Mosberg, U.S. Olympic champion lightweight boxer
* Bob Olin, U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer
* Victor Perez ("Young"), Tunisian world champion flyweight boxer
* Charlie Phil Rosenberg ("Charles Green"), U.S. world champion bantamweight boxer
* Dana Rosenblatt ("Dangerous"), U.S. world champion middleweight boxer
* Maxie Rosenbloom ("Slapsie"), U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer, Hall of Fame, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Barney Ross (Dov-Ber Rasofsky), U.S. world champion lightweight & junior welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame
* Mike Rossman (Michael Albert DiPiano; "The Jewish Bomber"), U.S. world champion light heavyweight boxer, wore Star of David on trunks
* Shamil Sabirov, Russian Olympic champion light flyweight boxer
* Dmitry Salita ("Star of David"), U.S. junior welterweight undefeated boxer
* Isadore “Corporal Izzy” Schwartz ("The Ghetto Midget"), U.S. world champion flyweight boxer
* Al Singer ("The Bronx Beauty"), U.S. world champion lightweight boxer
* "Lefty" Lew Tendler, U.S. bantamweight, lightweight, and welterweight boxer, Hall of Fame, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Sid Terris ("Ghost of the Ghetto"), U.S. lightweight boxer, wore a Star of David on his trunks
* Sammy Waltz,[4] U.S. boxer
* Victor Zilberman, Rumanian Olympic welterweight bronze medal winner


* Leonid Geishtor, USSR canoeist, Olympic champion
* Michael Kolganov, Soviet-born Israeli canoeist, world champion, Olympic bronze medal


* Aaron Alexandre, German-born French-English
* Evgeny Agrest, Belarusian-born Swedish grandmaster, Highest Rating through April 2007=2561
* Simon Alapin, Lithuanian
* Boris Alterman, Ukrainian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2615
* Arnold Aurbach, Polish-born French
* Yuri Averbakh, Russian grandmaster, 2445
* Boris Avrukh, Israeli grandmaster & World U-12 champion, 2652
* Abraham Baratz, Romanian-born French
* Liudmila Belavenets, Russian woman grandmaster
* Alexander Beliavsky, Ukrainian-born Slovenian grandmaster & World junior champion, 2710
* Joel Benjamin, U.S. grandmaster, 2662
* Hans Berliner, German-born U.S. World correspondence chess champion
* Ossip Bernstein, Ukrainian-born French grandmaster
* Arthur Bisguier, U.S. grandmaster, 2455
* Benjamin Blumenfeld, Belarusian-born Russian
* Mark Bluvshtein, Russian-born Canadian grandmaster, 2544
* Jácobo Bolbochán, Argentinian
* Julio Bolbochán, Argentinian grandmaster, 2485
* Isaac Boleslavsky, Ukrainian-born Soviet grandmaster
* Mikhail Botvinnik, Russian/Soviet grandmaster & World champion
* Gyula Breyer, Hungarian
* David Bronstein, Ukrainian-born Soviet grandmaster, 2590
* Oscar Chajes, Ukrainian/Polish/Austrian-born U.S.
* Rudolph Charousek, Hungarian
* Vitaly Chekhover, Russian
* Erich Cohn, German
* Wilhelm Cohn, German
* Josef Cukierman, Polish-born French, committed suicide during Holocaust
* Moshe Czerniak, Polish-born Palestinian/Israeli
* Arnold Denker, U.S. grandmaster, 2293
* Maxim Dlugy, Russian-born U.S. grandmaster, 2531
* Josif Dorfman, Ukrainian-born French grandmaster, 2610
* Arthur Dunkelblum, Polish-born Belgian
* Roman Dzindzichashvili, Georgian-born Israeli American grandmaster
* Berthold Englisch, Austrian
* Yakov Estrin, Russian grandmaster, CC WC 1972-76
* Larry Evans, U.S. grandmaster, 2530
* Samuel Factor, Polish-born U.S.
* Ernst Falkbeer, Austrian
* Movsas Feigins, Latvian-born Argentinian
* Ruben Felgaer, Argentine grandmaster, 2624
* Reuben Fine, U.S. grandmaster
* Robert Fischer, U.S. grandmaster & World champion, 2785
* Alexander Flamberg, Polish
* Salo Flohr, Ukrainian-born Czech & Soviet grandmaster
* Maurice Fox, Ukrainian-born Canadian
* Gunnar Friedemann, Estonian
* Paulino Frydman, Polish-born Argentinian
* Semen Furman, Belarusian-born Russian grandmaster
* Boris Gelfand, Belarusian-born Israeli grandmaster
* Efim Geller, Ukrainian-born Soviet grandmaster
* Vitali Golod, Ukrainian-born Israeli grandmaster
* Harry Golombek, English
* Alon Greenfeld, U.S.-born Israeli grandmaster
* Gisela Kahn Gresser, U.S. woman master
* Yehuda Gruenfeld, Polish-born Israeli grandmaster, 2550
* Eduard Gufeld, Ukrainian grandmaster, 2565
* Boris Gulko, German-born Russian U.S. grandmaster, 2643
* Isidor Gunsberg, Hungarian-born English
* Ilya Gurevich, Russian-born U.S. grandmaster & junior World champion, 2575
* Mikhail Gurevich, Ukrainian-born Russian Turkish grandmaster, 2694
* Lev Gutman, Latvian-born Israeli German grandmaster, 2530
* Daniel Harrwitz, Prussian/Polish/German-born English French
* Israel Horowitz, U.S.
* Bernhard Horwitz, German-born English
* Alexander Huzman, Ukrainian-born Israeli grandmaster
* Dawid Janowski, Belarusian/Polish-born French grandmaster
* Gregory Kaidanov, Ukrainian-born Russian U.S. grandmaster, 2695
* Julio Kaplan, Argentine-born Puerto Rican U.S. grandmaster & World junior champion
* Mona May Karff, Moldovan-born U.S. woman master
* Isaac Kashdan, U.S. grandmaster
* Garry Kasparov, Azerbaijani-born Soviet/Russian grandmaster & World champion, 2851
* Alexander Khalifman, Russian grandmaster & World champion, 2702
* Alexander Koblencs, Latvian
* Artur Kogan, Ukrainian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2580
* Alexander Konstantinopolsky, Ukrainian-born Soviet grandmaster
* Ignatz von Kolisch, Hungarian/Slovakian-born Austrian grandmaster
* George Koltanowski, Belgian-born U.S. grandmaster
* Viktor Korchnoi, Russian-born Dutch Swiss grandmaster, 2695
* Yona Kosashvili, Georgian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2580
* Borislav Kostić, Austrian-born Serbian grandmaster
* Yair Kraidman, Israeli grandmaster, 2455
* Ljuba Kristol, Russian-born Israeli woman grandmaster, 2415
* Abraham Kupchik, Belarusian/Polish-born U.S.
* Alla Kushnir, Russian Israeli woman grandmaster
* Salo Landau, Polish-born Dutch, killed by the Nazis
* Edward Lasker, Polish/German-born U.S.
* Emanuel Lasker, Prussian/German/Polish-born U.S. grandmaster & World champion
* Anatoly Lein, Russian-born U.S. grandmaster, 2555
* Konstantin Lerner, Ukrainian grandmaster, 2575
* Grigory Levenfish, Polish/Russian-born grandmaster
* Irina Levitina, Russian-born U.S. woman grandmaster
* Vladimir Liberzon, Russian-born Israeli grandmaster
* Andor Lilienthal, Russian-born Hungarian/Soviet grandmaster
* Johann Löwenthal, Hungarian-born U.S. English
* Moishe Lowtzky, Ukrainian-born Polish, killed by Nazis
* Gyula Makovetz, Hungarian
* Jonathan Mestel, British grandmaster & World U-16 champion, 2540
* Jacques Mieses, German-born English grandmaster
* Victor Mikhalevski, Belarusian-born Israeli grandmaster
* Vadim Milov, Russian-born Israeli Swiss grandmaster, 2683
* Jacob Murey, Russian-born Israeli grandmaster
* Miguel Najdorf, Polish-born Argentine grandmaster
* Aron Nimzowitsch, Latvian-born Danish
* Menachem Oren, Polish-born Palestinian/Israeli
* Julius Perlis, Polish-born Austrian
* Isaias Pleci, Argentinian
* Judit Polgár, Hungarian grandmaster, 2735
* Susan Polgár, Hungarian-born U.S. grandmaster & World champion, 2577
* Zsófia Polgár, Hungarian-born Israeli international master, 2500
* Lev Polugaevsky, Belarusian/Soviet grandmaster, 2640
* Yosef Porath, German-born Palestinian/Israeli
* Lev Psakhis, Russian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2625
* Dawid Przepiórka, Polish, killed by Nazis
* Abram Rabinovich, Lithuanian-born Russian
* Ilya Rabinovich, Russian
* Vyacheslav Ragozin, Russian grandmaster
* Teymour Radjabov, Azerbaijani grandmaster
* Samuel Reshevsky, Polish-born U.S. grandmaster
* Richard Réti, Slovakian/Hungarian-born Czech
* Maxim Rodshtein, Israeli U-16 World champion
* Kenneth Rogoff, U.S. grandmaster
* Michael Rohde, U.S. grandmaster, 2585
* Michael Roiz, Russian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2611
* Samuel Rosenthal, Polish-born French
* Gersz Rotlewi, Polish
* Eduardas Rozentalis, Lithuanian grandmaster, 2688
* Akiba Rubinstein, Polish grandmaster
* Gersz Salwe, Polish grandmaster
* Emanuel Schiffers, Russian
* Adolf Schwarz, Hungarian-born Austrian
* Gregory Serper, Uzbekistani-born Russian U.S. grandmaster
* Leonid Shamkovich, Russian Israeli U.S. grandmaster
* Yury Shulman, Belarusian-born U.S. grandmaster
* Ilya Smirin, Belarusian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2702
* Vasily Smyslov, Soviet/Russian grandmaster & World champion, 2620
* Gennady Sosonko, Russian-born Dutch grandmaster
* Jon Speelman, English grandmaster
* Rudolf Spielmann, Austrian-born Swedish
* Leonid Stein, Ukrainian-born Russian grandmaster
* Endre Steiner, Hungarian
* Herman Steiner, Slovakian/Hungarian-born U.S.
* Lajos Steiner, Romanian/Hungarian-born Australian
* Wilhelm Steinitz, Czech-born Austrian & U.S. grandmaster & World champion
* Emil Sutovsky, Israeli grandmaster, 2697
* Peter Svidler, Russian grandmaster
* László Szabó, Hungarian grandmaster
* Mark Taimanov, Soviet/Russian grandmaster
* Mikhail Tal, Soviet/Latvian grandmaster & World champion, 2645
* Siegbert Tarrasch, Polish/German grandmaster & Senior World champion
* Savielly Tartakower, Russian-born Austrian/Polish/French grandmaster
* Jean Taubenhaus, Polish-born French
* Mark Tseitlin, Israeli grandmaster
* Anatoly Vaisser, Kazakhstani-born French grandmaster
* Boris Verlinsky, Ukrainian-born Soviet grandmaster
* Vladimir Vuković, Croatian
* Max Weiss, Slovakian/Hungarian-born Austrian
* Michael Wilder, U.S. grandmaster
* Simon Winawer, Polish
* Heinrich Wolf, Austrian, killed by Nazis
* Daniel Yanofsky, Polish/Ukrainian-born Canadian grandmaster
* Leonid Yudasin, Russian-born Israeli grandmaster, 2692
* Tatiana Zatulovskaya, Azeri-born Russian Israeli woman grandmaster
* Johannes Zukertort, Polish-born German English


* Ali Bacher, South African batsman & administrator (several relatives were also cricketers, including Adam Bacher)
* Dennis Gamsy, South African Test wicket-keeper
* Norman Gordon, South African fast bowler
* Michael Klinger, Australian batsman
* Jon Moss, Australian allrounder for the Victoria Bushrangers
* Fred Susskind, South African Test batsman
* Fred Trueman, English fast bowler (Jewish maternal grandmother, and was happy to be regarded as Jewish)
* Julien Wiener, Australia Test cricketer
* Chris Jeji, Indian-Canadian Test cricketer
* Marshall Frederick Rosen, NSW Australian cricketer, and selector.[26]


* Henri Anspach, Belgian fencer (épée and foil), Olympic champion
* Paul Anspach, Belgian fencer (épée & foil), 2-time Olympic champion
* Norman Armitage, US fencer (sabre), 17-time US champion, bronze Olympic medal
* Albert Axelrod, US fencer (foil); 4-time U.S. champion, bronze Olympic medal
* Cliff Bayer, US fencer (foil) US fencer (foil); youngest US champion
* Tamir Bloom, US fencer (épée); 2-time US champion
* Sergei Charikov, Russian fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* Yves Dreyfus, French fencer (épée), French champion
* Ilona Elek, Hungarian fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* Boaz Ellis, Israeli fencer (foil), 5-time Israeli champion
* Sándor Erdös, Hungarian fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Siegfried Flesch, Austrian fencer (sabre)
* Dezsö Földes, Hungarian fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* Jenö Fuchs, Hungarian fencer (saber), 4-time Olympic champion
* Támas Gábor, Hungarian fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Sándor Gombos, Hungarian fencer (saber), Olympic champion
* János Garay, Hungarian fencer (saber), Olympic champion
* Oskar Gerde, Hungarian fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* Vadim Gutzeit, Ukrainian fencer (saber), Olympic champion
* Johan Harmenberg, Swedish fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Lydia Hatoel-Zuckerman, Israeli fencer (foil), 6-time Israeli champion
* Otto Herschmann, Austrian fencer (saber)
* Emily Jacobson, US fencer (saber), NCAA champion
* Sada Jacobson, US fencer (saber), ranked # 1 in the world
* Allan Jay, British fencer (épée and foil), world champion
* Endre Kabos, Hungarian fencer (saber), 3-time Olympic champion
* Roman Kantor, Polish fencer (épée), Nordic champion & Soviet champion
* Dan Kellner, US fencer (foil), US champion
* Grigory Kriss, Soviet fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Allan Kwartler, US fencer (saber), 3-time Pan American Games champion
* Alexandre Lippmann, French fencer (épée), 2-time Olympic champion
* Helene Mayer, German & US fencer (foil), Olympic champion
* Maria Mazina, Russian fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Mark Midler, Soviet fencer (foil), 2-time Olympic champion
* Armand Mouyal, French fencer (épée), world champion
* Claude Netter, French fencer (foil), Olympic champion
* Jacques Ochs, Belgian fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Ayelet Ohayon, Israeli fencer (foil), European champion
* Ellen Osiier,Danish fencer (foil), Olympic champion
* Ivan Osier, Danish fencer (épée, foil, and sabre), 25-time Danish champion
* Mark Rakita, Soviet fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* Yakov Rylsky, Soviet fencer (saber), Olympic champion
* Gaston Salmon, Belgian fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Zoltan Ozoray Schenker, Hungarian fencer (saber), Olympic champion
* Edgar Seligman, British fencer (épée, foil, and sabre), 2-time British champion in each weapon
* Andre Spitzer, Israeli fencer
* Jean Stern, French fencer (épée), Olympic champion
* Soren Thompson, US fencer (épée), NCAA champion
* Jonathan Tiomkin, US fencer (foil), 2-time US champion
* David Tyshler, Soviet fencer (saber)
* Ildiko Uslaky-Rejtoe, Hungarian fencer (foil), 2-time Olympic champion
* Eduard Vinokurov, Russian fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* Iosif Vitebskiy, Soviet fencer (épée), 10-time national champion
* Lajos Werkner, Hungarian fencer (saber), 2-time Olympic champion
* George Worth, US fencer (saber), US champion, 3-time Pan American Games champion

Field Hockey

* Carina Benninga, the Netherlands, Olympic champion

Figure skating

* Sarah Abitbol, French figure skater, World Figure Skating Championship bronze
* Benjamin Agosto, U.S. ice dancer (Jewish mother), Olympic silver, World Championship silver, bronze
* Ilya Averbukh, Russian ice dancer, Olympic silver
* Oksana Baiul, Ukrainian figure skater, (Jewish maternal grandmother), Olympic gold, World Championship gold
* Alexei Beletski, Israeli Ukrainian-born figure skater, Olympian
* Judy Blumberg, U.S. ice dancer, World Championship 3-time bronze
* Cindy Bortz, U.S. figure skater, World Junior Champion
* Fritzi Burger, Austrian figure skater, Olympic 2-time silver, World Championship 2-time silver
* Alain Calmat, French figure skater, Olympic silver, World Championship gold, silver, 2-time bronze[14]
* Galit Chait, Israeli ice dancer, World Championship bronze
* Sasha Cohen, U.S. figure skater, reigning U.S. Figure Skating National Champion & Olympic silver[15]
* Amber Corwin, U.S. figure skater
* Lily Kronberger, Hungarian figure skater, world champion
* Loren Galler-Rabinowitz, U.S. figure skater, competes w/partner David Mitchell; U.S. Championships bronze[16]
* Aleksandr Gorelik, Soviet figure skater, Olympic silver, World Championship 2-time silver, bronze
* Melissa Gregory, U.S. figure skater, ice dancer w/Denis Petukhov, U.S. Championships 3 silvers, 2 bronze[17]
* Natalia Gudina, Ukrainian-born Israeli figure skater, Olympian
* Emily Hughes, U.S. figure skater, World Junior Figure Skating Championships bronze, National Championships bronze, silver[18]
* Sarah Hughes, U.S. figure skater, Olympic gold, World Championship bronze[19]
* Ronald Joseph, U.S. figure skater, U.S. Junior National Champion, U.S. Championships gold, 2-time silver, and bronze, World Championship silver, bronze
* Vivian Joseph, U.S. figure skater, U.S. Junior National Champion, U.S. Championships gold, 2-time silver, and bronze, World Championship silver, bronze
* Gennadi Karponossov, Russian ice dancer, coach Olympic gold, World Championship 2-time gold, silver, 2-time bronze
* Tamar Katz, U.S.-born Israeli figure skater
* Lily Kronberger, Hungarian figure skater, World Championship 4-time gold, 2-time bronze, World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
* Irina Rodnina, Soviet figure skater, Olympic 3-time gold, World Championship 10-time gold, World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
* Emilia Rotter, Hungarian pair skater, World Championship 4-time gold, silver, Olympic 2-time bronze
* Louis Rubenstein, Canadian figure skater, (pre-Olympic) World Championship gold, World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
* Sergei Sakhnovsky, Israeli ice dancer, World Championship bronze
* Michael Seibert, U.S. figure skater
* Julia Shapiro, Russian-born Israeli pair skater, World Junior bronze
* Michael Shmerkin, Soviet-born Israeli figure skater
* Jamie Silverstein, U.S. figure skater, ice dancer w/Ryan O'Meara, United States Championships bronze[20]
* Irina Slutskaya, Russian figure skater, Olympic silver, bronze, World Championship 2-time gold, 3-time silver, bronze
* Maxim Staviski, Bulgarian ice dancer, World Championship gold, silver, bronze
* László Szollás, Hungarian pair skater, World Championship 4-time gold, silver, Olympic 2-time bronze
* Alexandra Zaretski, Belarusian-born Israeli ice dancer, Olympian
* Roman Zaretski, Belarusian-born Israeli ice dancer, Olympian

Football (American)

* Joe Alexander, G , U.S. football player
* Lyle Alzado, DE, U.S. football player
* Harris Barton, OL, U.S. football player
* Alex Bernstein, OL U.S. Football Player Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons
* Jeremy Bloom, WR, PR Pittsburgh Steelers
* Noah Cantor, DT, Toronto Argonauts, Canadian Football League
* Eddie Cohen, WR, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Canadian Football League
* Ben Davidson, DE, U.S. football player
* Art Dorfman, OL, U.S. football player, Buffalo Bills
* Hayden Epstein, K, Minnesota Vikings
* Jay Fiedler, QB, U.S. football player, free agent
* John Frank, TE, U.S. football player
* Benny Friedman, QB, U.S. football player, Hall of Fame
* Lennie Friedman, OL, Cleveland Browns
* Antonio Garay, DT, U.S. football player, Chicago Bears
* Adam Goldberg, OG, St. Louis Rams
* Bill Goldberg, DT, U.S. football player
* Marshall Goldberg, RB, U.S. football player
* Charles Goldenberg, G & RB, U.S. football player
* Randy Grossman, TE, U.S. football player, Pittsburgh Steelers
* Dan Hadenfeldt - P, Patriots (inactive)
* Sigmund Harris, QB, U.S. football player.
* Andrew Kline - OL, Rams
* Brian Kopka - K, Ravens
* Sid Luckman, QB, U.S. football player, Hall of Fame
* Sam McCullum, WR, U.S. football player
* Justin McCullum, WR, U.S. football player
* Josh Miller, P, New England Patriots
* Ron Mix, OT, U.S. football player, Hall of Fame
* Ed Newman, G, U.S. football player
* Harry Newman, QB, U.S. football player
* Igor Olshansky, DL, San Diego Chargers
* Gus Ornstein - QB, Jets
* Vitaly Pisetsky - K, Bears
* Mike Rosenthal, T, Minnesota Vikings
* Mike Seidman, TE, Indianapolis Colts
* Allie Sherman, U.S. football player & coach, New York Giants
* Scott Slutzker - TE, Jets
* Josh Taves – DE, Panthers
* Andre Tippett, LB, New England Patriots
* Alan Veingrad, OL, U.S. football player
* Gary Wood, QB, New York Giants

Football (Australian)

* Todd Goldstein, AFL footballer for the Kangaroos Football Club.
* Ezra Poyas, former AFL and current VFL footballer for the Sandringham Football Club.
* Ian Synman, former AFL footballer for the St Kilda Football Club, only Jew to play in a Premiership.
* Julian Kirzner, former AFL footballer for the St Kilda Football Club, Carlton Football Club and Kangaroos Football Club. He was unable to play a match for any of these clubs.

Football (soccer)

* Nat Agar, United States, one of the pioneers of soccer in the United States
* Jeff Agoos, United States, former national team defender
* Dudu Aouate, Israel, Deportivo de La Coruña[21]
* Jonathan Assous, France, former Stade Reims captain[22]
* Gai Assulin, Israeli, plays for Barcelona B
* Pini Balili,Israeli, plays for Sivasspor
* David Beckham
* Dedi Ben Dayan, Israeli, Maccabi Netanya
* Tal Ben Haim, Israeli, Chelsea
* Yossi Benayoun, Israeli, Liverpool F.C. player and Israel national team captain
* Eyal Berkovic, Israel, former Sunderland F.C. star and national team player
* Gyula Bíró , Hungary, former national team player
* Harald Bohr, Danish mathematician, younger brother of physicist Niels Bohr; football player; won silver medal at 1908 Summer Olympics w/Danish national football team.
* Niels Bohr, Danish physicist; soccer player; played for AB as a goalkeeper.
* Jonathan Bornstein, U.S. soccer defender, C.D. Chivas USA of Major League Soccer[23]
* Daniel Brailovski, footballer born in Uruguay, played for Uruguay, Argentina, and Israel's national football teams
* Adam Braz, Canada, Montreal Impact and national team player[24]
* Benny Feilhaber, U.S., Derby County in the FA Premier League[25]
* Dean Furman, South African, plays for Rangers F.C.
* Avram Grant, Israeli, former manager of Chelsea F.C. and the Israel national football team
* Béla Guttmann, Hungarian player & coach
* Rudy Haddad, France, played for Paris Saint-Germain and Maccabi Tel Aviv[26]
* Eddy Hamel, United States, played football for AFC Ajax and was murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz
* Julius Hirsch, Germany, national football team player murder by the Nazis in Auschwitz.[27]
* Joe Jacobson, Wales, plays for Bristol Rovers F.C.[28]
* Tvrtko Kale, Croatia, goalkeeper for Maccabi Tel Aviv[29]
* Yaniv Katan, Israel, plays for Maccabi Haifa
* Josh Kennet, England, plays for Maccabi Herzliya[28]
* Jonathan Kurrant, England, plays for Aberdeen in Scotland[28]
* Mark Lazarus, English, Queens Park Rangers
* Lucas Matías Licht, Argentina, plays for Getafe CF in Spain.[30]
* Marcelo Lipatin, Uruguay, played in top clubs in Portugal, Brazil and Italy.[31]
* Gyula Mándi, Hungary, former MTK player and coach of the Israeli national team
* Shep Messing, United States, former international goalkeeper, now sportscaster
* Andriy Oberemko, Ukraine, former under-21 national teamer and current professional[32]
* Haim Revivo, Israeli, Played for Fenerbahce and Galatasaray
* sacha opinel , French , Ebbsfleet United FC footballer , played football for A.S Cannes , Lilles OSC and Ajaccio in france
* Daniël de Ridder, Dutch/Israeli Birmingham City footballer[33]
* Ronnie Rosenthal, Israel, Liverpool
* Sebastian Rozental, Chile, former forward with Rangers F.C. and Chilean national team
* Ben Sahar, Israeli, Chelsea F.C.

Scott Shulton. England, Wycombe Wanderers FC

* Juan Pablo Sorín, Argentinian international
* Mordechai Spiegler, Israel, former New York Cosmos and Israeli national team player
* Idan Tal, Israel, Bolton Wanderers
* Nicolás Tauber, Argentina, goalkeeper for Club Almagro[34]
* Itzik Zohar, Israeli footballer


* Amy Alcott, U.S. LPGA professional golfer
* Herman Barron, U.S. PGA Tour professional golfer
* Bruce Fleisher, U.S. PGA Tour professional golfer
* Jonathan Kaye, U.S. PGA Tour professional golfer
* David Merkow, U.S. golfer, Northwestern University, 2006 Big Ten Golfer of the Year
* Rob Oppenheim, Canadian professional golfer
* Corey Pavin, U.S. PGA Tour professional golfer
* Morgan Pressel, U.S. LPGA professional golfer
* Monte Scheinblum, National and World Long Drive Champion, 1992

* Alyssa Beckerman, U.S. gymnast
* Valery Belenky, Azerbaijani gymnast, Olympic champion
* David Mark Berger
* Alfred Flatow, German gymnast, 3-time Olympic champion
* Gustav Flatow, German gymnast, 2-time Olympic champion
* Samu Fóti,Hungarian gymnast, Silver Olympic medalist
* Mitch Gaylord, U.S. gymnast, Olympic champion
* Imre Gellért,Hungarian gymnast, Silver Olympic medalist.
* Maria Gorokhovskaya, USSR gymnast, Olympic champion
* Abie Grossfeld, U.S. gymnast, 8-time Pan American champion, 7-time Maccabiah champion, Olympic champion , coach
* Ágnes Keleti, Hungarian gymnast, 5-time Olympic champion
* Tatiana Lysenko, Soviet/Ukrainian gymnast, 2-time Olympic champion
* Yelena Shushunova, USSR gymnast, Olympic champion
* Kerri Strug, U.S. gymnast, Olympic champion


* Evgeny (or Yevgeny) Babich[citation needed], Soviet hockey player, Olympic champion 1956, World & European champion 1954, runner-up 1955, 1957
* Rudi Ball, German hockey player Olympic bronze, 1932, World runner-up 1930, bronze 1934[35]
* Max Birbraer, Russian from Kazakhstan; lived & played in Israel. First Israeli to be drafted by an NHL team (The New Jersey Devils).
* Hy Buller, Canadian-born U.S. hockey player
* Michael Cammalleri, Canadian hockey player
* Vitaly Davydov, Soviet hockey player, Olympic champion 1964, 1968, 1972, World & European champion 1963-1971, runner-up 1972
* Steve Dubinsky, U.S. hockey player
* Eric Harroch, Canadian hockey player, in the ECHL, drafted 6th round by the Detroit Red Wings in 2002
* Marc Harroch, Canadian hockey player, in the AHL, drafted 4th round by the Florida Panthers in 1999[36]
* Jeff Halpern, U.S. hockey player
* Adam Henrich, Canadian hockey player
* Michael Henrich, Canadian hockey player, highest-drafted Jewish player ever - by the Edmonton Oilers
* Corey Hirsch, NHL goalie
* Alfred Kuchevsky[citation needed], Soviet hockey player, Olympic champion 1956, bronze 1960
* Max Labovitch Canadian Hockey Player (New York Rangers, Toledo Buckeyes)[37]
* Alex Levinsky, Canadian hockey player (NHL) circa 1930s, 1940s
* Yuri Liapkin[citation needed], Soviet hockey player, Olympic champion 1976, World & European champion 1971, 1973-75
* David Nemirovsky, Canadian hockey player
* Bobby Nystrom, Swedish-born Canadian hockey player (converted to Judaism)
* Eric Nystrom, American hockey left winger & son of former National Hockey League player Bobby Nyström[38]
* Cory Pecker, Canadian hockey player, in the AHL, drafted 6th round by the Calgary Flames in 1999[39]
* Mike Richter, U.S. Hockey Player, Vezina Trophy winning Goaltender, N.Y. Rangers
* Ladislav Kohn, Czech NHL Hockey Player
* François Rozenthal, French hockey player
* Maurice Rozenthal, French hockey player
* Noah Ruden, American Hockey Goalie, Port Huron Flags, University of Michigan.
* Mathieu Schneider, U.S. hockey player
* Ronnie Stern, Canadian hockey player
* Mike Veisor, Canadian hockey player, NHL goaltender from 1973-1984, mostly with the Chicago Black Hawks
* Larry Zeidel, Canadian hockey player, 1950s & 1960s
* Yevgeni Zimin[citation needed], Soviet hockey player, Olympic champion 1968-72, World & European champion 1968, 1969, 1971

* Yael Arad, Israeli judoka half-middleweight, Olympic silver medal
* Mark Berger, Canadian judoka heavyweight, Olympic silver medal
* James Bregman, American judoka middleweight, Olympic bronze medal
* Oren Smadja, Israeli judoka light-middleweight, Olympic bronze medal
* Ehud Vaks, Israeli half-lightweight judoka
* Arik Zeevi, Israeli judoka half-heavyweight, Olympic bronze medal
Mixed martial arts

* Rory Singer, fighter from The Ultimate Fighter 3[40]
* Adam Brozer, US Olympic Karate Team Member
* Jeffrey Kohn, US Olympic Karate Coach
* Jack Strachan


* Woolf Barnato
* Kenny Bernstein
* Jo Bonnier, Swedish Formula One driver
* François Cevert, French Formula One driver
* Tom Coronel, Dutch driver
* Bernie Ecclestone, British Formula One driver & Formula One supremo
* Robert Grossman
* Mario Haberfeld, Brazilian Grand-Am driver
* Steve Krisiloff
* Jeff Krosnoff, U.S. Formula Indy driver
* Stirling Moss, British Formula One driver[41]
* Paul Newman, U.S. actor, motorsport team owner & driver
* Chanoch Nissany, Israeli Formula One test-driver
* Peter Revson, U.S. Formula One driver
* Mauri Rose, U.S. Indy driver, Indy 500 winner
* Ricardo Rosset, Brazilian Formula One ex-driver
* Ian Scheckter, South African Formula One ex-driver
* Jody Scheckter, South African Formula One ex-driver
* Tomas Scheckter, South African Indy Racing League driver
* Sheila van Damm, British rally driver[42]
* Gilad Spector, mixed martial arts specialist

Rugby (league and union)

* David Emanuel, Australian Rugby Union player
* Okie Geffen, South African Rugby Union player
* Andrew Grunstein, NSW Rugby Union player
* Alan Menter,South African Rugby Union Player
* Sydney Nomis, South African Rugby Union player
* Albert Rosenfeld, Australian rugby league player
* Ian Rubin, Australian rugby league player
* Joel Stransky, South African rugby union player
* Eoin Mullany, Irish International Superjew


* Tony Bullimore,[43] British yachtsman
* Zefania Carmel, Israeli Women's yachtsman, world champion
* Anat Fabrikant, Israeli Women's Double-Handed Dinghy 470
* Gal Fridman, Israeli windsurfer, Olympic champion
* Mark Mendelblatt, American 2004 Olympic Sailor, [27] [28]

Speed Skating

* Irving Jaffee. U.S. Speed Skater, Olympic champion
* Grach, Rafael, USSR Speed Skater, 2 Olympic medals.


* Vadim Alexeev, Kazakhstan-born Israeli swimmer
* Adi Bichman, Israeli swimmer
* Yoav Bruck, Israeli swimmer
* Tiffany Cohen, U.S. swimmer, 2-time Olympic champion
* Anthony Ervin, U.S. swimmer, Olympic champion
* Yoav Gath, Israeli swimmer
* Scott Goldblatt, US swimmer, Olympic champion
* Eran Groumi, Israeli swimmer
* Andrea Gyarmati, Hungarian swimmer
* Alfréd Hajós, Hungarian swimmer, Olympic champion
* Michael Halika, Israeli swimmer
* Judith Haspel, Austrian-born Israeli swimmer
* Otto Herschmann, Austrian swimmer, Olympic silver medallist
* Lenny Krayzelburg, Ukrainian-born U.S. swimmer, Olympic champion
* Dan Kutler, U.S.-born Israeli swimmer
* Jason Lezak, U.S. swimmer, Olympic champion
* Alexei Manziola, Russian-born Israeli swimmer
* Yoav Meiri, Israeli swimmer, 26-time national champion
* Alfred Nakache, French swimmer, world record holder
* Paul Neumann, Austrian swimmer, Olympic champion
* Marilyn Ramenofsky, U.S. swimmer, Olympic silver medalist
* Keena Rothhammer, U.S. swimmer, Olympic champion
* Mark Spitz, US Olympic champion (9 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze ), tied for most gold medals won in a single Olympic Games (7)[44]
* Tal Stricker, Israeli swimmer
* Éva Székely, Hungarian swimmer, Olympic champion
* Dara Torres, U.S. swimmer (Jewish father), Olympic champion
* Eithan Urbach, Israeli swimmer
* John Stark, Australian Olympian

Table tennis

* Viktor Barna (Braun), Hungarian 23-time world champion
* Laszlo Bellak, Hungarian/U.S. 7-time world champion
* Richard Bergmann, Austrian/British 7-time world champion
* Alex (Aloys) Erlich, Poland/France, 3 times World Singles Finalist.
* Marina Kravchenko, Ukrainian-born Israeli table tennis player
* Ivor Montagu, British table tennis player
* Leah(Thall)Neuberger, U.S., 29-time national champion
* Marty Reissman, American International World class player.
* Angelica Rozeanu, Romanian/Israeli 17-time world champion
* Anna Sipos, Hungarian 21-time world champion
* Miklos Szabados, Hungarian/Australian 15-time world champion
* David Zalcberg, Australian table tennis player
* Leon Wajchenberg, Polish table tennis champion 1940, Egyptian table tennis champion 1945
* Michael Peake, Australian/Chinese table tennis player


* Noam Behr, Israeli tennis player
* Ilana Berger, Israeli tennis player
* Jay Berger, U.S. tennis player, USTA boys 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 7
* Gilad Bloom, Israeli tennis player
* Angela Buxton, English tennis player, highest world ranking # 9
* Audra Cohen, U.S. tennis player, 2007 NCAA Women's Tennis Singles Champion
* Julia Cohen, U.S. tennis player, USTA girls 12s & 18s singles champion
* Stéphanie Cohen-Aloro, French tennis player
* Pierre Darmon, French tennis player, highest world ranking # 8
* Umberto De Morpurgo, Italian tennis player, highest world ranking # 8
* Jonathan Erlich, Israeli tennis player, highest world doubles ranking # 10
* Gaston Etlis, Argentinean tennis player
* Sharon Fichman, Canadian tennis player
* Herbert Flam, U.S. tennis player, 2-time USTA boys 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 5
* Zack Fleishman, U.S. tennis player
* Allen Fox, U.S. tennis player
* Mike Franks, U.S. tennis player
* Brad Gilbert, U.S. tennis player, highest world ranking # 4
* Justin Gimelstob, U.S. tennis player, USTA boys 16s & 18s singles champion
* Shlomo Glickstein, Israeli tennis player
* Julia Glushko, Israeli tennis player
* Grant Golden, U.S. tennis player
* Paul Goldstein, U.S. tennis player, USTA boys 16s & 2-time 18s singles champion[45]
* Brian Gottfried, U.S. tennis player, USTA boys 12s & 2-time 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 3
* Jim Grabb, U.S. tennis player, highest world doubles ranking # 1
* Seymour Greenberg, U.S. tennis player
* Amir Hadad, Israeli tennis player
* Julie Heldman, U.S. tennis player, US girls 15s & 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 5
* Martin Jaite, Argentina tennis player, highest world ranking # 10
* Anita Kanter, U.S. tennis player, US girls 18s singles champion
* Ilana Kloss, South African tennis player, highest world doubles ranking # 1
* Aaron Krickstein, U.S. tennis player, USTA boys 16s & 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 6
* Suzy Kormoczy, Hungarian tennis player, only Jewish woman to win a Grand Slam at the 1958 French defeating Shriley Bloomer Brasher. Career span from 1938-1964. Ranked in the top 10 nine times from 1947-1961. Highest year ranking was No. 2 in 1958.
* Jesse Levine, Canadian & U.S. tennis player
* Harel Levy, Israeli tennis player
* Amos Mansdorf, Israeli tennis player
* Sam Match, U.S. tennis player
* Nicolás Massú, Chilean tennis player, highest world ranking # 9
* Tzipora Obziler, Israeli tennis player
* Tom Okker, Dutch tennis player, highest world ranking # 3 in singles, and # 1 in doubles
* Noam Okun, Israeli tennis player
* Shahar Pe'er, Israeli tennis player, highest world ranking # 15
* Shahar Perkiss, Israeli tennis player
* Daniel Prenn, German & British tennis player, highest world ranking # 6
* Henry Prusoff, U.S. tennis player
* Andy Ram, Israeli tennis player, highest world doubles ranking # 9
* Eyal Ran, Israeli tennis player
* Renée Richards, U.S. tennis player
* Dick Savitt, U.S. tennis player, highest world ranking # 2
* Dudi Sela, Israeli tennis player
* Julius Seligson, U.S. tennis player, 2-time boys 18s singles champion
* Anna Smashnova, Israeli tennis player, highest world ranking # 15
* Harold Solomon, U.S. tennis player, US boys 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 5
* Andrew Sznajder, Canadian tennis player
* Brian Teacher, U.S. tennis player, US boys 18s singles champion, highest world ranking # 7
* Eliot Teltscher, U.S. tennis player, highest world ranking # 6

Track and field

* Harold Abrahams[46]
* Sir Sidney Abrahams, Olympic champion[47] Olympic long-jumper
* Jo Ankier, British[48]
* Gerald Ashworth, Olympic champion
* Aleksandr Averbukh, Israeli, Pole vault, Gold, 2002, 2006 European Championships
* Fanny Blankers-Koen, Dutch athlete, 4-time Olympic champion, 1948, 12-time world record
* Lillian Copeland, U.S. athlete, Olympic champion
* Marty Glickman, Sprinter & broadcaster; U.S. Olympic team, 1936
* Milton Green, U.S. athlete
* Deena (Drossin) Kastor, U.S. long-distance & marathon runner
* Elias Katz, Finnish runner, Olympic champion
* Abel Kiviat,U.S. runner, Olympic champion
* Janet Kohan-Sedq, Iranian runner
* Faina Melnik, USSR, Olympic champion
* Margaret Bergmann Lambert — US champion in high jump (1937-38) and shotput (1938). British high jump champion, 1935
* Zhanna Pintusevich-Block, Ukraine, Gold, 2001 Edmonton, 100m
* Irina Press, USSR, Olympic champion
* Tamara Press, USSR, Olympic champion
* Myer Prinstein, U.S. athlete, Olympic champion
* Gabriel Abraham Rojas, Catalonia, Spain, Distance runner and cross country runner
* Fanny Rosenfeld, Canadian runner and longjumper, Olympic champion
* Irena Szewińska, Polish sprinter & long jumper, Olympic champion
* Adam Conway, English Toser

* Doug Beal, U.S. player & coach
* Adriana Behar, Brazilian beach player
* Arie Selinger US & Dutch coach & player
* Avital Selinger Dutch player

Water Polo

* István Barta, Hungarian Olympic champion
* György Bródy, Hungarian Olympic champion
* Miklós Sárkány, Hungarian Olympic champion


* Luke Breward, British weightlifter
* Isaac Berger, U.S. featherweight Olympic champion
* Gary Gubner, U.S. heavyweight, 4 junior world records
* Ben Helfgott, British weightlifter
* Frank Spellman, U.S. middleweight Olympic silver medal


* Károly Kárpáti, Hungarian wrestler Olympic champion
* Fred Oberlander, Austrian, British, and Canadian wrestler.
* Henry Wittenberg, American wrestler Olympic Champion

* Bill Goldberg, American wrestler WCW + WWE Champion

Professional wrestling

* Tex Benedict, UK professional wrestler
* Steve Blackman ("The Lethal Weapon"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Matthew Bloom, ("Giant Bernard," "Rusher Road," "Prince Albert," "Albert," and "A-Train"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Abe Coleman ("Hebrew Hercules"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Bill Goldberg, U.S. professional wrestler, NFL player
* Peter Gruner ("Billy Kidman"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Barry Horowitz, U.S. professional wrestler
* Barbie Blank ("Kelly Kelly"), U.S. professional wrestler[citation needed]
* William M. Kucmierowski, ("Brimstone" and "Will Kaye"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Larry Booker ("Larry Latham" and "Moondog Spot"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Scott Levy ("Raven"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Stephen Rattigan ("The Ballymun Brawler")
* Aviv Maayan, Welsh
* Marc Mero ("Johnny B. Badd"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Brian Pillman ("Yellow Dog"), U.S. professional wrestler, NFL player
* Lanny Poffo ("The Genius"), U.S. professional wrestler (Jewish mother)[49]
* Jerome Saganovich ("Jerry Sags"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Randy Savage ("Macho Man"), U.S. professional wrestler[49]
* Michael Seitz ("'P.S.' ("Purely Sexy") Hayes" and "Dok Hendrix"), U.S. professional wrestler & manager
* Morris Shapiro ("Mighty Atlas"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Dean Simon ("Dean Malenko"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Larry Simon ("Boris Malenko"), U.S. professional wrestler
* Brian Yandrisovitz ("Brian Knobbs" and "Terrorist"), U.S. professional wrestler



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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage

The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory has recently shocked the world by claiming their ancient Oral legends tell of a Cherokee migration made to America from the area known as Masada.

This startling evidence is being offered to the public by Beverly Baker Northup whom is the spokesperson for their organization. The evidence offered in support of this connection to Cherokees escaping the mountain fortress of Masada is based in part of what Northup claims is stories passed down from elders and the similarity between ancient words.

Beverly Baker Northup believes there is a connection between these two peoples based on evidence of Jews of the region around Masada during Roman times wearing braided hair and the similarities that the spokesperson attributes to Hebrew language.