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a)  Gas - Israel’s recent discovery of mega gas fields titled Tamar and Leviathan are located off the Israeli coast from Haifa.  These massive discoveries will soon transform Israel as they will adequately look after Israel’s domestic needs forever and thereafter to supply foreign markets.  A number of countries are pursuing involvement in these finds.  Among them are Russia, China, Europe and South Korea.  Putin was in Israel two months ago pursuing a contractual relationship with Israel on its gas development projects.  Nothing has been signed yet.
Tamar is due to come online sometime in 2013 and Leviathan to follow in early 2014.
Additional target areas are being explored all the way down the Mediterranean coast of Israel.
The likelihood is that a pipeline from the gas discovery area will be built to Cyprus and on to Greece.  This will help Greece with some of its financial troubles. It is expected there will be a plant built to liquefy the gas at the Greek end of the underwater pipeline.
b) Oil - geologists have recently completed a large mapping of most of southern Israel and preliminary findings indicate there are vast amounts of oil trapped in rock layers under about 15% of the State of Israel.  This shale oil is technically difficult to extract but Israel and the companies involved are becoming very familiar with the methodology to extract this oil called 'fracking'.  Retired Canadian experts in this system are now resident in Israel working on this huge project. 
The World Energy Council and Israel Energy Initiatives have completed a detailed study and presented it to the government on their estimates of Israel’s shale oil potential.  They estimate that Israel’s shale reserves could contain as much as 250 billion barrels of potentially recoverable oil.
This would be putting Israel on a par with Saudi Arabia in terms of its oil reserves!
Israeli planners believe that if the gas and oil finds reach the levels that the potential indicates, Israel’s current group of allies, trading partners and opponents could drastically change.   Israel’s geo-political standing in the world will also change.  It's amazing what friends can be made when you have oil and gas to export!
MED-RED RAILWAY - China is in very serious negotiation (contracts have been exchanged) - the Chinese will build and finance most of a high speed railway from Eilat to Ashdod.  This would allow tankers and freighters to avoid the Suez Canal as well as cut the time frame from canal usage in half, by using the railway.  This is a huge development for Israel as it will open up the Negev , which was always the dream of David Ben Gurion.  It would not be surprising that a major announcement on this development with all its details should be expected by mid 2013.
The Chinese Government, while they are negotiating the Med-Red Railway, have made it clear to Israel that they have a multi-billion dollar fund that they would put to use, to fund Israeli hi-tech start-ups and companies needing mezzanine financing.   The Israeli Government is very amenable to this opportunity, and the Chinese have already agreed to the stringent conditions that Israel wants to apply on any of the investments.  Look for an announcement on this in 2013.
You should be aware that the Israeli Government and various Agrarian companies are extremely busy today in China - assisting the Chinese with their need to get much more production out of their land, while following the Israeli system of water economy.  Further, the Chinese are learning every possible method Israel has on how to maximize milk production, and other elements necessary for the Chinese to raise the level of feeding their huge population.  This relationship is being very well received by the Chinese and its government. 
ALIYAH - Numerous European countries are seeing their Jewish populations diminishing because of a resurgence of anti-Semitism and violence against their Jewish communities.  Islam is on the march in many of the European countries.  In particular, sizable numbers of French, British and smaller numbers of Jews from other EU countries have left or are in the process of going to Israel.  The Jewish Agency for Israel is planning for a significant aliyah to continue as well as increase over time with Jews leaving Ukraine and Russia. 
Again the planning of the Jewish Agency indicates that Ben Gurion’s dream of large communities in the Negev is now nearer to realization than ever before.  Hi-tech companies are being offered significant inducements by the government to establish their campuses and their R&D facilities in communities being formed in the Negev.  Currently the hi-tech campuses are extremely crowded in an area south of Tel Aviv.  Bear in mind that nothing is far in Israel.
EMP (Electromagnetic impulses)
The magnitude of this enormous devastating project is hard to fathom.  Whoever develops this will have a commanding position facing any adversary.  EMP could cripple a country by shutting down its electronics.  It uses non-lethal gamma energy to react with the magnetic field and produces a powerful shock wave that can devastate any power grid and communications system.  Try as I did, I could not get anyone to make any kind of comment regarding Israel’s involvement.  All I got were small, relatively short smiles. 
The problems of Iran and the Palestinian State and a horrible neighborhood need to be dealt with Israeli resolve.  Assuming all of the things described previously like oil, gas, Chinese investment, Med-Red Railway, as well as things still to be developed, the future for Israel is extremely bright. 
The IDF, the IAF, the MOSSAD, the SHIN-BET, the AMAN, are amongst the best of their kind in the world and will do their utmost to safeguard the State of Israel and the Jewish people wherever they are to be found.
 The Israelis Are At It Again!
1. Scientists in Israel found that the brackish water, drilled from underground desert aquifers hundreds of feet deep, could be used to raise warm-water fish. The geothermal water, less than one-tenth as saline as sea water, free of pollutants, and a toasty 98 degrees on average, proves an ideal environment..
2. Israeli-developed designer-eyeglasses, promise mobile phone and iPod users, a personalized, high-tech video display. Available to US consumers next year, Lumus-Optical's lightweight and fashionable video eyeglasses, feature a large transparent screen, floating in front of the viewer's face that projects their choice of movie, TV show, or video game.

3. When Stephen Hawkings recently visited Israel , he shared his wisdom with scientists, students, and even the Prime Minister. But the world's most renowned victim of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease, also learned something, due to the Israeli Association for ALS' advanced work in both embryonic and adult stem cell research, as well as its proven track record with neurodegenerative diseases. The Israeli research community is well on its way to finding a treatment for this fatal disease, which affects 30,000 Americans.

4. Israeli start -up, Veterix, has developed an innovative new electronic capsule that sits in the stomach of a cow, sheep, or goat, sending out real-time information on the health of the herd, to the farmer via email or cell phone. The e-capsule, which also sends out alerts if animals are distressed, injured, or lost is now being tested on a herd of cows, in the hopes that the device will lead to tastier and healthier meat and milk supplies.

5. The millions of Skype users worldwide will soon have access to the newly developed KishKish lie-detector. This free Internet service, based on voice stress analysis (a technique, commonly used in criminal investigations) will be able to measure just how truthful that person on the other end of the line, really is.

6. Beating cardiac tissue has been created in a lab from human embryonic stem cells by researchers at the Rappaport Medical Faculty and the Technion - Israeli institute of Technology 's biomedical Engineering facility. The work of Dr. Shulamit Levenberg and Prof. Lior Gepstein, has also led to the creation of tiny blood vessels within the tissue, making possible its implantation in a human heart.

7. Israel’s Magal Security Systems, is a worldwide leader in computerized security systems, with products used in more than 70 countries around the world, protecting anything from national borders, to nuclear facilities, refineries, and airports. The company's latest Product, DreamBox, a state-of-the-art security system that includes Intelligent video, audio and sensor management, is now being used by a major water authority on the US east coast to safeguard the utility's sites.

8. It is common knowledge that dogs have better night vision than humans and a vastly superior sense of smell and hearing. Israel 's Bio-Sense Technologies recently delved further and electronically analyzed 350 different barks. Finding that dogs of all breeds and sizes, bark the same alarm when they sense a threat, the firm has designed the dog bark-reader, a sensor that can pick up a dog's alarm bark, and alert the human operators. This is just one of a batch of innovative security systems to emerge from Israel which Forbes calls 'the go-to country for anti-terrorism technologies.'

9. Israeli company, BioControl Medical, sold its first electrical stimulator to treat urinary incontinence to a US company for $50 Million. Now, it is working on CardioFit, which uses electrical nerve stimulation to treat congestive heart failure. With nearly five million Americans presently affected by heart failure, and more than 400,000 new cases diagnosed yearly, the CardioFit is already generating a great deal of excitement as the first device with the potential to halt this deadly disease.

10. One year after Norway's Socialist Left Party launched its Boycott Israel campaign, the importing of Israeli goods has increased by 15%, the strongest increase in many years, statistics Norway reports.

In contrast to the efforts of tiny Israel to make contributions to the world so as to better mankind, one has to ask what have those who strive to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth done other than to create hate and bloodshed

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Judith Leiber: The First and Last Name in Handbags

Her name could quite easily have been on display at Yad Vashem. Instead it appeared on “Sex and the City.” This is the story ofJudith Leiber, a story that was almost written very differently.
Judith Peto was born in Budapest in 1921. At the time one in every four of the city’s residents was Jewish. While Hungarian Jews faced some discrimination, most of Budapest’s doctors, lawyers, musicians, journalists and writers were Jews. In total there were about 600,000 Jews in Hungary, which was equivalent to 7 percent of the country’s population.
In March 1944, when Judith was 22 years old, however, her life and that of many other Hungarian Jews changed forever: German troops invaded Hungary. As a Jewish young woman, of course, she was at great risk when Nazi tanks rolled into her hometown.
World War II was a terrifying experience for many people, across much of the globe, for many reasons. But in few places did Nazi occupation have as immediate, devastating results as it did in Hungary. So Judith was in great danger.
Jews in the Hungarian provinces were ghettoized in April and May of 1944. Between May 15 and July 8, more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews from outside of Budapest were sent to concentration camps (primarily Auschwitz). Nowhere was the pace of the destruction of Jewry as quick as in Hungary.
Meanwhile, Jews like Judith in Budapest faced severe anti-Semitism. And in June 1944, the Hungarian authorities ordered the city’s Jews into over 2,000 designated buildings marked with Stars of David scattered throughout Budapest. Still, for a short time they were insulated from ghettoization and systematic deportations afflicting other Hungarian Jews.
In October 1944, it appeared that the war was almost over. Germany was close to defeat and Hungary looked set to proclaim peace with allies. But then the Arrow Cross, a pro-Nazi Hungarian fascist party, staged a coup d’état. In November 1944, the Arrow Cross forced the Jews of Budapest into a ghetto around the Dohány Street Synagogue.
Deportations started almost immediately after the establishment of the ghetto. In less than three months of existence, over half of the ghetto’s inhabitants were sent to concentration camps. All this time, Judith was in hiding.
As Judith lay low, the Hungarian fascists perpetrated a bloodbath in Budapest itself. Between December 1944 and the end of January 1945, they took as many as 20,000 Jews from the ghetto, shot them along the banks of the Danube and threw their bodies into the river. To save bullets, the Arrow Cross only shot every other Jew; the others they threw in alive.
From German occupation in March 1944 to Hungary’s liberation in January 1945, the Jewish population of Budapest was reduced from approximately 200,000 to 100,000. Yet compared to other European towns and cities, the community had got off lightly.
After Judith came out of hiding, she met a young American soldier in the streets of Budapest. Gerson Leiber, born in Brooklyn in 1922, was part of the allied troops in the city after the city was liberated from the Nazis and their collaborators. Despite their different experiences, the two soon fell in love and after a whirlwind romance Judith Peto became Judith Leiber and moved to America as a GI bride.
The young couple arrived in New York City with big dreams. Gerson was a painter looking to live off his work. And Judith had already established herself as a talented designer having become the first female apprentice and master in the Hungarian handbag guild. In her new country, she took a job working for Nettie Rosenstein, the fashion designer famous for creating the little black dress.
In time, Judith’s designs for other labels became rather well known and her handbags appeared in prominent fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. In 1953, Judith designed a glittering pink bag for American first lady Mamie Eisenhower to wear at her husband Dwight’s inaugural ball. Thereafter, Judith has sent every first lady a handbag. For Bill Clinton’sinaugurations, she made Hillary Clinton a bag in the shape of the White House cat, Socks.
By 1963 it was time to go it alone. Judith founded her own label, Judith Leiber, where she worked alongside Gerson. At first the husband and wife team were the company’s sole employees. Judith was responsible for all the design work and production of the bags, while Gerson delivered the merchandise to major department stores. When the couple used a factory with four employees, Judith worked alongside them and taught them her expertise.
“There was such a sense of camaraderie,” Judith recalled, “with all of us working together, producing these handbags. I made my first line in a gray-green calf which was not that well received. Nevertheless, I was determined to make my bags as beautiful and as well as I could and not to compromise. I have never swerved from that goal. Never.”
With an uncompromising approach, soon the name Judith Leiber became an iconic American luxury brand synonymous with opulent style and high-end sophistication. As well as first ladies, many prominent arbiters of fashion became devoted collectors of Judith Leiber bags.
In addition to celebrity clients, many prestigious museums began to collect Judith Leiber designs and to exhibit the bags as part of their permanent collections. Among such museums are The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian, The Corcoran Gallery and The Victoria and Albert Museum.
Success begat success and in time the Hungarian immigrant who escaped the Nazis and her Brooklyn-born husband were living on Park Avenue. She had lived in hiding in Budapest. Now to escape the city heat, they would summer in the Hamptons.
By 1993, the brand had become so well respected and profitable that the Leibers received an offer to buy the brand that they couldn’t refuse from a British company. Judith’s name had once been on a Nazi list of Jews to be exterminated; now it was worth millions of dollars.
Although new Judith Leiber bags continued to be sold after the company’s sale in 1993, they are no longer her personal designs. Judith and Gerson—who still paints and exhibits his work—established a museum, the Leiber Museum, in the East Hampton farmhouse they bought in 1956 (the year, coincidentally, of the Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union). There, at the Leiber Museum, they exhibit her designs and his paintings. Entry is free of charge to the public.
The couple just wants to share their work—their shared life’s work. The couple had no children but their name lives on in their work. Showing how invested she remains in her designs, Judith now spends much of her time buying back her bags for display at their museum. “They [the bags] are my children," Judith Leiber told a reporter, "and there is no college tuition and nobody talks back."

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The Roosevelts were Jewish Dutch, arriving in NYC in 1682 (Originally name Claes Rosenvelt before name change to Nicholas Roosevelt) Sarah Delano, FDR's mother, was descended from Sephardic Jews.

Joseph Stalin was originally named Joseph David Djugashvili (translating into "son of a Jew.") All 3 of the women he married were Jewish.

Dwight Eisenhower's father was a Swedish Jew and was so identified in the West Point Yearbook of 1915.


1. Lillian Friedman married Cruz Rivera. They named their baby Geraldo Miguel Rivera (Funny, it doesn't sound Jewish.) Since, according to Jewish Law, anyone born to a Jewish mother is Jewish, Geraldo Rivera is Jewish. As
Were, among others: Fiorello Laguardia, Winston Churchill and Cary Grant, as Explained below.

2. Fiorello Laguardia's mother's name was Jacobson. His father was not Jewish. Laguardia spoke seven languages -- including Hebrew and Yiddish - fluently.

3. Winston Churchill's mother's name was Jenny Jerome.

4. Cary Grant 's mother, Elsie, was Jewish. His father, Elias Leach, was not. Grant's original name was Archibald Alexander Leach. (Robin Leach is hisFirst cousin).

5. Peter Sellers' mother, Margaret Marks, was Jewish. His father, Bill Sellers, was Protestant. Peter's real name is Richard Henry Sellers.

6. David Bowie's mother is Jewish, his father is not. One of Bowie 's album covers discusses his Jewish ancestry. His real name: David Stenton Haywood Jones.

7. Robert DeNiro's mother is Jewish; his father is not.

8. Shari Belafonte's mother is Jewish. Her father, Harry, has a Jewish Grandfather.

9. Olivia Newton John's Jewish grandfather was a Nobel Prize winning Physicist.

10. Harrison Ford's mother is Russian Jewish, his father is Irish Catholic.


Fact: The first theater to be used solely for the showing of motion pictures was built by a Jew (Adolf Zukor).

Fact: The first full-length sound picture, The Jazz Singer was produced by the Jewish Samuel L. Goldwyn & Louis B. Mayer (MGM).

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Abraham Waksman) coined the term antibiotics.

Fact: A Polish Jew (Casimir Funk) who pioneered a new field of medical research gave us a word now common in our language -- vitamins..

Fact: The first successful operation for appendicitis was performed by a
Jewish surgeon (Dr. Simon Baruch)

Fact: The doctor (Dr.. Abraham Jacobi) hailed as America 's father of Pediatrics was a Jew.

Fact: Until a Jewish doctor (Dr.. Siccary) showed differently, Americans believed the tomato was poisonous.

Fact: Jewish Levi ["Levi's"] Strauss (inventor of jeans) is the largest clothing retailer in the world.

Fact: In 1909, four Jews were among the 60 multi cultural signers of the Call to the National Action, which resulted in the creation of the NAACP.

Fact: A Jew (Emile Berliner) is the man who developed the modern day phonograph. While Thomas Edison was working out a type of phonograph that used a cylinder as a record, Berliner invented a machine that would play a disc. The machine he patented was called the gramophone, and the famous RCA trademark is a picture of a dog listening to "his master's voice" on Berliner's device. The gramophone was superior to Edison 's machine. In short, Emile Berliner made possible the modern record industry. His company was eventually absorbed by the Victor Talking Machine Company, now known as

Fact: Jewish Louis B. Mayer (MGM) created the idea for the Oscar.

Fact: European Jews are the founding fathers of all the HollywoodStudios.

Fact: Jews comprise a mere 1/4 of 1% (13 million) of the population (6

Fact: 99% of the world is non Jewish.

Fact: Three of greatest & most influential thinkers dominating the 20th
Century were Jewish - Einstein, Freud, and Marx.

Fact: The most popular selling Christmas song ("White Christmas") was written by a Jew. (Irving Berlin)

Fact: Of the 660 Nobel prizes from 1901 - 1990, 160 have been won by Jews.
In the end, Jews win more Nobel prizes than any other ethnicity. They win
40x more than should be expected of them, based upon their small population

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Jonas Salk) is the creator of the first Polio Vaccine.

Fact: Jews (Hayam Solomon & Isaac Moses) are responsible for creating the
first modern banking institutions.

Fact: Jews also created the first department stores of the 19th century:The
Altmans, Gimbels, Kaufmanns, Lazaruses, Magnins, Mays, Strausses became leaders of major department stores. Julius Rosenwald revolutionized the wayAmericans purchased goods by improving Sears Roebuck's mail order merchandising. Hart, Schaffner, Marx, Kuppenheimer and Levi Strauss became
household names in men's clothing
Fact: Jewish Marc Chagall (born Segal , Russia ) is one of the great 20th
century painters.

Fact: English Jewish financiers such as Isaac Goldsmid, Nathan Rothschild, David Salomons, and Moses Montefiore, whose fortunes helped Englandbecome an empire.

Fact: In 1918, Detroit , a Jew (Max Goldberg) opened the "first" commercial
parking lot.

Fact: In 1910, a Jew (Louis Blaustein) and his son opened the "first" gas
station, eventually founding AMOCO OIL. One of the richest oil families in the world.

Fact: A Jew (Dr. Albert Sabin) developed the first "oral polio vaccine."

Fact: A Jew (Steven Spielberg) is the most successful filmmaker since the
advent of film.

Fact: A Jewish poet's (Emma Lazarus) famous poem,
The New Collossus appears as the inscription on the Statue Of

Fact: Jewish Harry Houdini (Weiss) is the father of Magic/Illusion.

Fact: Jewish Abraham is the father of the world's 3 major religions:
Judaism, Christianity & Islam (ancestors of the Hebrew & Arabic peoples).
Fact: Jews are the oldest of any people on earth still around with their national identity and cultural heritage intact.

Fact: George & Ira Gershwin & Irving Berlin (Jews) are three of the most
prolific composers of the 20th century.
Fact: Isadore & Nathan Straus (Jews) - "Abraham & Straus," eventually became
sole owners of Macy's (world's largest department store) in 1896.

Fact: Dr. Paul Ehrlich (Jew) - physician, Nobel Prize in 1908 for curing syphilis.

Fact: Armand Hammer (Jew) - "Arm & Hammer," physician & businessman originated the largest trade between U. S. and Russia ...

Fact: Louis Santanel (Jew) was the financier who provided the funds for
Columbus ' voyage to America ..

Fact: Sherry Lansing (Jew) of Paramount Pictures, became the first woman
president of a major Hollywood studio.

Fact: Flo Zigfield (Jew) of "Zigfield Follies," is the creator of American

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Berthold Beitz, German Who Saved Jews, Dies at 99

Berthold Beitz, German Who Saved Jews, Dies at 99

Industrialist Prevented Deportation of Polish Jews


Published August 01, 2013.
German industrialist Berthold Beitz, who rescued Jewish workers in occupied Poland by employing them during World War II, has died.
Berthold Beitz
Berthold Beitz
Beitz’s death Tuesday at the age of 99 was announced by the foundation he headed, the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Stiftung.
In 1942, Beitz was working in Borislaw, Poland, as commercial director for a German oil company when he prevented the deportation of Jews to a death camp. The tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed German repeatedly insisted that Jewish men and women be sent to his offices and factories as “armaments workers,” according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He and his wife, Else, also hid Jewish children in their house and managed to get the local SS governor to allow Beitz to divert further Jews from deportation.
When asked if he had feared for the lives of his wife and their daughter, Beitz once said that he felt as if he were two people: the one who worried and the other who “didn’t think but just acted,” the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported. Not all the Jews he helped ultimately survived, but several hundred reportedly were saved. Beitz and his wife were both honored by Yad Vashem as Righteous Gentiles — he in 1973 and she in 2006. The Central Council of Jews in Germany gave the couple its highest award, the Leo Baeck Prize, in 1999.
When Beitz reflected upon his wartime experiences many years later, he said that his actions were not motivated by anti-fascism or resistance to the Nazi regime.
“We experienced firsthand what was happening to the Jews of Borislaw, from morning to night,” he said, according to the Yad Vashem website. “If you see how a woman with a child on her arm is shot, and you have a child yourself, you have a completely different reaction.”
Beitz was general manager of the Essen-based Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach company, and an influential industrialist in the steel industry of the Ruhr Valley. He was also honorary chairman of the ThyssenKrupp Supervisory Board.
His passing this week brought words of condolence from Jewish leaders and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Germany “lost one of its most respected and successful entrepreneurs,” Merkel said in a statement Wednesday. She praised his ”courageous and exemplary intervention to rescue Jewish workers during World War II” and his postwar efforts to build connections with Eastern Europe.
“Berthold Beitz was a light and a role model in the darkness of the murderous Nazi period,” Dieter Graumann, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told the Juedische Allgemeine, Germany’s Jewish weekly. Beitz proved “that you could certainly remain human in that time, if you really wanted to.”

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