Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Thirst," from "Jewish Music from Oy to Vey"

Regina Resnik, a dominant mezzo-soprano with the Metropolitan and other operas from the 1940s throgh the 1970s, has also had a career as an actress and director. Together with her son, Michael Philip Davis, she recently produced Colors of the Diaspora, a compilation of three full-length concerts offering a kaleidoscope of Jewish classical song and operatic excerpts.

The collection, in addition to many musical compositions, includes a comic dialogue between Resnik and Davis called "Thirst," in which they act out dramatically what amounts to a very old Jewish joke.

The sketch runs about seven minutes in length, but we think it's worth watching to see the punch line coming. And we don't have to warn you about the punch line, because unlike the punch lines of other Jewish jokes, it is very family-friendly.  Enjoy!

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