Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Hooray for Hanukkah"

"Hooray for Hanukkah"
(to the tune of Hooray for Hollywood)

When the days grow short and the nights grow cold and its holiday time at home
those memories of childhood are where I long to roam
this special song for a special time brings back that special joy
it's message still is true today for every girl .... and boy.

Hooray for Hanukkah, let's play the trumpet and harmonica
And let's remember mr. mattathias, he had a bias against the worship of clay
And oh the oil, was oh so loyal, it lasted for a week and an .. extra day.

Hooray for Hanukkah, when jews from brooklyn to salonika
recall a macabee and tale of glory, it's quite a story
it makes you glad it's today
with our deliria we're not inferior
hooray for Hanukkah, ........

Hooray for Hanukkah
where every betty and veronica
can rest assured that mean old antiochus and hocus pocus
were surely destined to flop
so have a latke and a little vodka, coz Judah Macabee set it up on top

Hooray for Hanukkah, from tel aviv to santa monica
menorahs get lit up in celebration of liberation, our people are finally free
another happy feast it's from the middle east
hooray for hanukkah…..

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