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Sabbah's Christmas Message to the Jews: No Jewish State

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Sabbah's Christmas Message to the Jews: No Jewish State

I've wasted too many words on the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, the odious Michel Sabbah, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic in the Holy Land. He's a pro-Palestinian leftist who uses his position to blame Israel for every bomb, every death, every riot that occurs in Israel. He parades around as a peace activist and a man of God while Jews and Christians are murdered by Islamic thugs; often the same thugs who used to work for his old friend Yassar Arafat.

Has he gone to far this time?

In his pre-Christmas message Sabbah rejected the idea of a Jewish state, effectively alligning himself with anti-Semites everywhere.

"If there's a state of one religion, other religions are naturally discriminated against," Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah told reporters at the annual press conference he holds in Jerusalem before the Christian holiday.

What an idiot. Muslim countries are specifically Muslim, discriminating (often violently) against non-Muslims. Is Sabbah going to denounce these countries for being a "state of one religion?" Don't count on it.

And what about Sabbah's Palestinian friends? The forth-coming Palestinian state, built with rocket launchers and torture chambers on the homes of forcibly-evacuated Jewish families, will be, by all acounts, exclusively Muslim.

In Israel, on the other hand, Arab women get PhD's from Hebrew University. In Israel, Muslims are elected to the Knesset, Israel's parlament. As I write this, Sabbah's peaceful friends in Hamas are broadcasting from the Temple Mount, which is still off-limits to Jews who wish to mourn the destruction of the First Temple.

Suppose those Jews who were forced off their land in Israel tried to immigrate to Vatican City. How fast do you suppose their papers would be processed? Isn't Vatican City a country which has only one religion?

Catholic history is filled with countries that were officially Catholic. And few of them had a human rights record as good as Israel has.

Sabbah followed up this vile performance with his Christmas message: "If Israel decides for peace, we will have peace."

Really? Hamas will lay down its arms? The PLO will give up its stated desire to liberate "occupied Tel Aviv?" All the violence that began before the 1967 war of Arab aggression (and the disputed territories) will magically morph into peace?

I wonder: in Sabbah's sick and twisted world, do child murderers, anti-Semites, and Jihadist lunatics ever have any responsibility for the carnage they leave in their wake? I guess not.

And what a fine Christmas message for the head Roman Catholic in the Holy Land to give to the Jews: you and your holocaust-surviving relatives cannot have your own state. Furthermore, all the bloodshed that has come about as a result of others trying to drive you into the sea is really your fault.

The Latin Patriach forgot to add "and a curse be upon them and their people."

I wondered if anyone would have the moral courage to denounce this grotesque and bigoted display of Jew hatred. I don't mean Catholic leaders; they won't open their pious mouths. At least not until the faithful start dropping notes in the collection plate that read "My tithe went to the Friends of the IDF." Then you'll see them scurry like rats to distance themselves from Sabbah, just enough to get the money flowing again.

But perhaps someone else, somewhere might speak out. Someone did. The Simon Wiesenthal Center called upon the Vatican to reject Sabbah's "insidious campaign to de-Judaize Israel."

“Israel does not need lessons from Patriarch Sabbah on how to treat citizens of other faiths and religions,” said [Rabbi Marvin ]Hier. “He would better serve the Christians in the Holy Land by going to Gaza and defending the beleaguered Christian minority there from Hamas extremists.”

This is singular moment in the history of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church. We now get to find out if Vatican II's document on relations with the Jewish people was real, or simply window-dressing. Pope Benedict XVI cannot let Sabbah's hateful words go unchallenged. Sabbah must be repudiated. He should be defrocked.

God bless the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

And may Latin-rite Catholic Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem rot in hell.

That's my Christmas message.

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