Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Jews Saved the World from Tyranny

The two great truths of World War Two:

1. More than any other person, Hitler was most instrumental in the formation of the State of Israel.

2. If it were not for Jews, Hitler would have conquered the entire world.

The Holocaust

Shipments of Jews to the camps had priority on the German railways, and continued even in the face of the increasingly dire military situation after the Battle of Stalingrad at the end of 1942 and the escalating Allied air attacks on German industry and transport. Army leaders and economic managers complained at this diversion of resources and at the killing of irreplaceable skilled Jewish workers. By 1944, moreover, it was evident to most Germans not blinded by Nazi fanaticism that Germany was losing the war. Many senior officials began to fear the retribution that might await Germany and them personally for the crimes being committed in their name. But the power of Himmler and the SS within the German Reich was too great to resist, and Himmler could always evoke Hitler's authority for his demands. Few people realized that for Hitler and Himmler killing the Jews was more important than winning the war.

Here are the two poignant lines:
1 Shipments of Jews to the camps had priority on the German railways
2 killing the Jews was more important than winning the war

German planes could not attack our bombers for lack of petrol because truckloads of poison supplies for the camps were more important. German tanks ran of of gas on the battlefields because trains were too busy bringing Jews to slaughter instead of transporting fuel and food and clothing to German troops.

It took almost three years for America to muster the strength to invade Germany. Had Hitler not paid attention to a single Jew he would have won control over the entirety of Europe and Britain by December 1943. Certainly if he had not chased the Jews out of Germany in the early 1930s there would not have been a Manhattan project which was run almost entirely with European Jews. Very few people are aware that Nuclear fission was discovered in Germany in 1938-1939. If Hitler had not been busy spending billions on Jews, his scientists could have spent more time on an atomic bomb.

The US might not have surrendered after the first bomb dropped on Baltimore, but certainly would have capitulated by the time Philadelphia turned into rubble.

For the second part of my argument, that Hitler was most instrumental in the formation of the State of Israel, consider this: The Jews had been trying for 2000 years to get their homeland back. Because of WWII, tens of thousands of Jewish soldiers who fought in that war, arrived in Israel, trained for fighting, and bringing with them munitions and weapons to force the removal of Imperial Britain. Because of Hitler's attempted solution of the Jewish question, the future Israel obtained hundreds of thousands of refugees and future citizens. Because of Hitler's atrocities, the world was shamed into allowing a Jewish State to come into existence. Without the training they received fighting in WWII, Jews would not have had the wherewithal to defend themselves against the array of forces of the Arab nations shortly after declaring independence in 1948. Hitler made it possible for trained Jewish soldiers armed from the war to be in Israel at the right time. No single person could have forced the hand of history as Hitler did.
Despite the prevailing anti-British feeling among the Jewish population in Palestine during World War II, many men such as Yisraeli joined the British Army. But when Yisraeli and some of his comrades finished fighting the Nazis, they began fighting the British restrictions on aliyah. They took part in one of the least-known and yet most daring chapters in pre-state history. They were "doubles" -- brigade members who gave their identities to young DPs (displaced persons).

"Not only did the Palestinian Jews prove to the world that Jewish boys could fight, but we also had a tremendous psychological effect on the Jewish refugees we met in Europe, those who somehow survived the concentration camps, and those who had been in hiding," says Avraham Tor, a Jerusalem attorney and one of the organizers of the doubles.

"These remnants of Jewish communities we encountered, broken physically and emotionally, saw us as messiahs as we herded a group of Nazi captives or simply carried our weapons. Our uniforms with the Magen David insignia became something of a beacon."

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