Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jews Don't Camp!

Here are the lyrics-----
I was packin' my gear after a festival appearance
The show had gone real good.
When a bunch of people with a kind of earthy smell
Said "We're stayin' out in these woods,"
They said, "We'd like you to join us, got plenty of room
We got a nice big tent and there's a big full moon,"
Well I stood upwind and said the only thing that I could...

I had to tell 'em...

Jews Don't Camp,
If it hasn't got a lobby I don't want it for a hobby
It's cold and damp,
Let me give you the news,
Jews Don't Camp.

Well now it's really quite simple, a part of my tradition
Taught to me in my youth
After forty years in the desert the eleventh commandment says
Go to bed under a roof.
I'm pretty certain I could live without real bear hugs,
Ain't keen to be cuisine for half a million bugs
And ten times out of ten I pick bagels over berries and roots.

That's why I gotta say...

Jews Don't Camp,
If it hasn't got a kitchen and it isn't air conditioned, where's the
Exit ramp, get my walkin' shoes, cause
Jews Don't camp.

If I was a Gentile
I would love to fish and hunt and get my water from a stream
But until there's seltzer in the brook
Or maybe a nice egg cream... hey!

Jews Don't Camp
Using leaves instead of Charmin may be fine if you're Mormon, but I'm
Not that stamp, so I gotta refuse, but
Jews Don't Camp ... la la la. oy la la la

If you're sleeping bag is tiltin' you can find me at the Hilton, cause
Jews Don't Camp
If you're tired of the diet come and meet me at the Hyatt, babe
Jews Don't Camp
When you sit down to a seder no one there is wearing waders, no
Jews Don't Camp
I got a giant television, it's a perk of circumcision, 'cause
Jews Don't Camp

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