Saturday, May 3, 2008

Israel Yitzhaki - Shir Habokrim

This one is the popular Israeli folksong "Shir HaBokrim The Song of the Cowboy".

Desert, desert without end
The cowboys' eyes survey it
No juniper, no thistle, no tree
Wind coming from the wilderness

The cowboys' song rises and falls
Over an empty, endless expanse
The sun rises and sets
And the song continues to flow

Desert, desert without end
Arisen over thousands of years
The cowboy astride his Arabian [aboriginal horse]
Over roads that breathe

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Jack said...

Howdy. Thanks for the repost, but how about some credit? This video and lyrics were first posted on my blog, Teruah Jewish Music on April 29th. I've got a lot more great music, including more Jewish Cowboys.