Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kosher Silicon Valley, With A Medical, Agricultural Twist

Pentium III chip mounted on a motherboardImage via Wikipedia To those who only glimpse the Jewish state through an average media portal, the holy land at best is a place full of ancient religious relics or at worst a region full of conflict.

But what many of them may not realize is that Israel is actually a land full of innovation--affecting the world both in cyberspace, as well as offline.

(Jewish Exponent) But perhaps a sampling of innovations that originated in Israel conveys the story more powerfully. Beginning with modern drip irrigation -- an agricultural technique that has been replicated around the globe -- Israeli innovators soon left soil behind and moved directly into cyberspace. They created the Pentium III and Centrino microprocessors; the computer program that became AOL Instant Messenger; the first mass-market firewall that protects a system from viruses; and an ingestible camera that allows doctors to peer inside a patient's insides without making an incision.

Whether its creating oral insulin, terrabyte DVD's, flying cars, purifying water or even finding ways to create energy from seaweed, Israel is quickly establishing itself as the land of innovation.

Note: Did I mention that Israel is close to bringing us hydrogen powered cars? ;-)

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