Monday, December 21, 2009

The jewish mccartneys

From Alex Lubet
I thought it would be interesting, after all the exchanges about the Jewish Bob Dylan, to remind/inform y'all that the late Linda Eastman McCartney (Paul's wife) was Jewish and thus also their kids, one of whom, James, is a musician, due to come out with his first solo album soon. He's on some of his dad's albums. My research indicates that Linda was never religious and that their household (Paul was baptized Catholic, raised ecumenical/agnostic) had no religion, either (or as John Lennon said, "no, religion, too."

The whole McCartney clan are vegetarian or vegan (and animal rights activists), so they're sorta kosher by accident.

His pre-Linda, longtime girlfriend was Jane Asher, sister of Peter Asher of Peter and Gordon, for whom Macca wrote "World Without Love" under the pseudonym Bernard Webb. I think the Ashers are Jewish, but haven't been able to confirm.

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