Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Complete Seder Night Music Guide

First we start with the Simonim song, Kadesh Urchatz, which summarizes the order of the Mitzvot and Minhagim of the night. 

 listen to the Nussach of Kidush for Leil Pessach

Then we move to the Ma Nishtano, the kids songs.

Then we move to Avodim Hayinu, the beginning of the Hagada.

Next is one of the most famous Hagada songs: Vehi Sheomdo, 'which is still so meaningful and relevant.

Then comes Dayeinu.

At the end of the Hagada we recite the first part of the Halel. Here are two uplifting Betzet Isroel songs.

     Before we Bench Birkat Hamazon we sing Shir Hama'alot.

 After Birkat Hamazon and Shfoch Chmoscho we recite the second part of the Halel. 

 Hashem Zchoronu from Chazzan Yossele Rosenblat. This is one of the first ever recorded music compositions. 

listen to Mo Oshiv [it starts around 1:30 time mark].

 hear the entire Halel Nussach from R' Shlomo Carlebach

 Then we get to the song that announces the official end of the Seder: Chasal Sidur Pessach. after, we sing the prayer that kept the Jews hopeful throughout the diaspora: Leshono Habo'o.

 Then we move to the after Seder songs.

First, we start with the Adir Hu song.

 Then we continue to Echod Mi Yode'a.

 And we finish with Chad Gadya.

 Six13 singing the Passover song [a cover to Usher's song]

 Frank Sinatra's version to The Passover Seder Symbols Song

 An overview of Chassidic Pessach music

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