Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jewish limericks

There's a young Jewish lady named Carrie
Told her folks she was ready to marry!
Her dad said, "Cor blimey"
"I hope it's a Hymie
And not any Tom, Dick or Harry!!"

When Noah took the pairs to the ark,
Conditions on board were quite stark.
When he sent out a dove
Who brought a sign from above,
He knew he had to find somewhere to park!!

When the girl went to shul in hot pants,
The rabbis where shocked and askance.
The elders, in their turn,
This new fashion did spurn,
The students thought she's worth another glance!!

There's no future for our Motherhood,
As young girls will be misunderstood.
Low cut blouses and short skirts
Make them all look like flirts,
And go against the rules of the Talmud!!

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