Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recipe for Matzah from raw vegtables

I make Matzah with carrot pulp (from juicing) and from unsoaked ground
flax seed. For those with an excaliber dehydrator with 9 trays, here
is the recipe.

15 pounds organic carrots (equals 22 cups of carrot pulp)
1 – 1 ½ pounds flax seed, unsoaked and ground

Note: Each 8-cups of carrot pulp requires at least 8 ounces of flax
seed. If you are making the entire recipe, 1-1 ½ pounds of flaxseed is

Juice 15 pounds of carrots and retain the juice for another time.
Squeeze as much juice out of the pulp as possible and retain. In a
grinder or blender, grind the flaxseed. Mix the two ingredients and
add as much carrot juice as is needed to make it pliable. If you have
a 9-tray dehydrator, divide the mixture into 9 portions, and flatten
each portion on a dehydrator tray (with teflex sheet). Score the pulp
into 4 large squares, or 9 smaller squares, or leave without scoring
the trays. Dehydrate the matzah at 105 degrees for at least 15 hours,
or longer. Break the matzah in pieces after it is dry and very crispy.
Use throughout the Passover holiday.

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